24 PS4, PS5 and PSVR games coming soon, thanks to PlayStation Talents

The last few weeks have been crazy in regards to new games being announced. There were over 300 announced during the Indie showcase a few days ago, a bunch during the Guerrilla Collective, and a few via independent and publisher streams – even PlayStation announced a new batch of upcoming PSVR games. But, one event may have flown under your radar as it was only presented in Spanish, due to the programme being based there. As such, I thought I’d break down these 24 games and provide trailers and a little information for each of them.

First of all, why was it only in Spanish? PlayStation Talents is an initiative that is located in Spain, they offer support and resources for local indie developers who may need a little help getting their games on the PlayStation platform. From what I’ve read about them, each year they have a boot camp where developers are invited to present their games and ideas to the programme, with those who are accepted being given full access to PlayStation development kits, support from experienced employees, and free marketing via the Playstation social media platforms up to the value of 100k Euros.

This event was a showcase of games from developers they’ve helped or are still helping, set to release within 2021 and 2022. In the past, I’ve reviewed a number of games that were helped by PlayStation Talents, games such as Timothy vs. the Aliens, Flynn & Freckles, Effie, Intruders: Hide and Seek, A Tale of Paper, Deiland, and more… Every single game is unique and created out of pure passion and love from each developer, so let’s take a look at what the next 12-months have in store for us…

*The descriptions below are taken from the YouTube videos, press releases, and the games’ websites. As such, some have been translated by Google from Spanish to English, so there may be the odd sentence that doesn’t make sense – that’s an issue with Google (and me)…*


Clid the Snail | Weird Beluga Studio | @BelugaWeird
Clid the Snail is a dark fable about the feeling of not fitting in, of being an outcast. In this twin-stick shooter, action-adventure story, players will control Clid, a humanoid snail, always accompanied by his faithful sidekick Belu, a talkative firefly. If you want to hear how Clid the Snail’s soundtrack sounds, here’s just a glimpse:

“I wanted the music to sound sad and melancholic, but not depressing. It is the song that a snail would play in the middle of a town, in the middle of a thunderstorm. The rain is pouring and everybody is safe at home, looking through the window, unaware that a menace that is looming upon them”, says Alejandro García, the composer of Clid the Snail’s soundtrack.

The Library of Babel | Tanuki Game Studio | @tanuki_gs
The library of Babel is a tale revolving around a dark futuristic world, unfolding through platformer elements, stealth and graphic adventure. Ludovik has been sent to Mesopotamia to investigate a murder case. As he arrives at the Colony, a data mining outpost, a state of emergency is declared, severely hindering his progress. With the help of Lei, his contact within the Colony, Ludovik is able to slowly piece together the investigation, and follow the trail of the murderer through the neighbouring areas, meeting peculiar characters on his journey.

One last breath | Moonatic Studios | @MoonaticStudios
In this puzzle platforming adventure, players will embark on a journey that will decide the Earth’s fate. In a world at the brink of extinction, nature will face the hostile planet inhabited by strange creatures, using its power to create or take away life to rebalance and decide the destiny of existence.


A Tale of Paper Complete Edition | Open House Games | @OpenHouseGames
Can a dream transcend its owner? Follow the beautiful tale of Line an endearing paper in this atmospheric adventure with a hint of puzzles. Learn origami transformations to overcome obstacles and explore from a different perspective escaping from little big dangers. Help Line fulfil the dream of its creator! The Complete Edition (PS5) will include a brand new story, that will also be released as downloadable content for the PlayStation 4 version.

Welcome to Empyreum | Tapioca Games | @WTEmpyreum
You don’t know how you ended up in the Empyreum Hotel with up to four friends. But thanks to mops, cloths, and absurd amounts of toilet paper you will have one mission in this party game: to get rid of dirty floors, annoying VIPs, unexpected floodings and even the ghosts of grumpy old clients.

Pocoyo Party | Zinkia | @zinkia
Come play with Pocoyo and friends in these 6 great educational mini-games where you will learn letters, numbers, colours and much more! Win rewards by completing levels: puzzles, pictures and exclusives episodes of Pocoyo that you can watch any time. Play with all the main characters in the series in multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. Pocoyo, Nina, Pato and Elly await you!

NeonHat | Entalto Studios | @EntaltoStudios
Run, jump and fly over Nueva Berria’s cyberspace making your way in a world controlled by huge corporations. Glide through the air powered by your own hands and surf the web at breathtaking speeds in this PlayStation®VR title. Information is the most valuable asset in NeonHat world, find the highest bidders in this frantic arcade where nothing is what it seems.


Do Not Open | Unreality | @unrealitystudio
DO NOT OPEN is a horror Escape Room video game, as a temporary exclusive for Playstation 4 and compatible with PSVR, which is inspired by the classics of both horror video games and cinema, and where the player must escape from the old Harley Mansion, a mansion located somewhere between Burkittsville and the Black Hills Forest in Maryland. By solving procedural puzzles against the clock, protagonist Mike Goreng will be assaulted by strange occurrences and paranormal entities in order to escape from the various rooms of the house.

Aeterna Noctis | Aeternum Game Studio | @aeternathegame
Following in the footsteps of the genre’s great titles, ‘Aeterna Noctis’ feels like a traditional 2D Metroidvania mixed with modern gameplay mechanics and environmental storytelling. Taking the role of the ‘King of Darkness’ you must regain your power exploring the vast lands of the world of ‘Aeterna’ across 16 different and connected areas in a classic Metroidvania vibe. The fast-paced combat with truly challenging mechanics will join an exciting and deep story in this adventure made frame by frame using traditional 2D animation.

Itadaki Smash | Main Loop videogames, RELEVO Videogames | @MainLoopGames
Itadaki Smash™ is a Beat ’em Up game that pays tribute to the classics of the genre. Gain new skills and revive the spirit of the arcade by unleashing an arsenal of combos, throws and special attacks.

Katsu is the owner of the best restaurant in town. But the Tengogo mafia is determined to bring his business down by putting a curse on all the food, transforming the dishes into terrible demons. Only our heroes, with their new powers, can stop them.


Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders | Fsix Games | @FsixG
Rivalia is a video game in the ARPG and Roguelite categories with an artistic cartoon style. The game takes place in a fantasy world called Rivalia, where four characters form a team to take part in real-time battles in the surrounding dungeons, which are randomly created, seeking entertainment in a new and dynamic combat system.

Probe: A game Dev Experience | Voxel Labs | @VoxelSchool
With “Probe”, the player will step into the role of a problem-solving genius. With this role, the user will interact with different heads of the departments of a video game company and will learn what the secrets are and how a video game is created. This Edutainment game will be playable on the PS4, PS5 and even via PSVR.

Inner Ashes | Calathea Game Studio | @innerashesgame
Inner Ashes is a narrative experience about Alzheimer’s disease that uses interaction with the environment and solving puzzles as an end to evoke the daily struggles of an Alzheimer’s patient.

The player takes the role of Henry, a middle-aged man who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer, as he unravels the memories surrounding his story of separation with Enid, his only daughter. The game lets the player explore Henry’s mind through different sceneries that, with a colourful and unique style, represent the different stages of the disease and his forgotten memories.

Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey | The Not So Great | @NotSoGreatTeam
Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey is set in 1927. Aurora Aylesworth, a young 19-year-old astronomer sets out on a journey in order to find his father’s whereabouts. His father disappeared four years ago, while he was investigating the remains of a spaceship that fell on the Earth in 1908: Eureka. Yet Aurora will not be alone on her journey: she will be counting on the help of her faithful lackey, as well as her friends and other people that you will meet during her travels. She will, however, need to face the dangerous Brainless because, for some reason, it looks like they want to prevent Aurora from accomplishing her goal.


Wukong | A Tale of Games | @ataleofgames
Wukong is an action and 3D platformer influenced by classic platformer games that offers new ways to overcome challenges. Control Wukong, the legendary Monkey King, able to defeat his foes by using his magic staff, which he can throw or use to hit those in close range. His staff also has the power of turning into a platform that will make Wukong able of overcoming all kinds of obstacles and traverse the levels.

Antro | Gatera Studio | @gaterastudio
Gatera Studio’s Antro is a platform, puzzle, and rhythm-oriented game set in an underground city. A seedy, dark, and soulless place where an evil corporation called ‘La Cúpula’ suppresses all cultural expression. The main character Nittch carries the key to turn the world upside down and unravel its secrets to the sound of urban music.

Twogether: Project Indigos | Flaming Llama Games | @TwogetherGame

Twogether is an adventure game played in the third-person perspective, full of puzzles and platforming. The story is focused on two children that have special abilities, working together as they try to escape the industry that currently has them captive. To achieve this, they’ll have to combine their skills and abilities, discovering how to use their most vital tool, friendship…

System of Souls | Chaotic Lab | @ChaoticLab_
The year is 2050. Climate change has destroyed our planet as we know it but our technology is so advanced that we are now able to transfer our souls to robots. L-064N awakens at a lab not knowing anything about its past. Use your memories to escape the facility turned into a prison in this adventure with puzzle and action elements.


Alba: A Wildlife Adventure | ustwo Games | @WildlifeAlba
Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. She is ready for a peaceful summer of wildlife exploration with her friend Ines, but when she sees an animal in danger, she realises she needs to do something about it!

KEO | Red Cat Pig | @redcatpig
Our debut project is KEO, which is currently in development. KEO is an online multiplayer vehicle combat game set in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting. It features several classic game modes players have come to expect in vehicle combat games such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Racing, etc. Alongside several vehicles, the game will feature several weapon and cosmetic customization options

Luto | Broken Bird Games | @BrokenBirdGames
Your mind can be a prison. Filled with your worst memories, this prison looks like a maze whose escape looks like an impossible task. Luto is a narrative adventure that tries to reflect on themes such as depression and anxiety in the darkest of settings.

The Crown of Wu | Red Mountain | @thecrownofwu
This game allows us to live the adventures of Wu after his awakening. He was locked up for a long time for his bad deeds but now that he has returned, he wants to make amends for his past. To do this he has to find his crown, because someone is using it to endanger the Great City. Throughout multiple scenarios, Wu will fight enemies and solve puzzles in order to improve his skills, so that he can solve the enigma of the disappearance of his crown.


Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin | Mansion Games | @MansionGames
April 20th, 1945. After six years of war and devastation, seventy millions of souls have been taken. The Third Reich is about to lose against fighters for the freedom led by allied forces. The final act is coming and it will be a brawl between good and evil fighting a hidden war.

The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo | Gammera Nest | @mistercoo_game
The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo is a whimsical point’n’click adventure with a surrealist story, astounding hand-drawn animations and hilarious puzzles. Mr. Coo is trapped and broken into pieces. But most of all, he has no idea of what’s going on. Is that a giant chicken over there?

So, have any of the above games tickled your fancy? If you want to keep up to date on release dates, news, and development information, be sure to follow them all on Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channels (most of the videos are directly from the developer’s accounts). If you wish to watch ‘The Moment’ in its entirety (the event PlayStation Talents hosted a few days ago), I’ve placed it below. It is in Spanish but you can turn on the auto-translated English subtitles – they’re not the best but there’s not too much talking in the showcase.

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