Death Mark Censored on Steam?!?

Death Mark was released on the PS4 and PS Vita late last year. Not only was it an amazing game to play through, but it was also one of my most popular reviews of 2018! 

Now, I’m not tooting my own horn here, one of the reasons the review literally blew up was because I had accidentally spotted and pictured a scene in which Aksys Games were forced to censor due to ESRB regulations. This was picked up on by a lot of places, including some big YouTubers, and thus began my fifteen minutes of fame!

So, when I heard that Death Mark was coming to the PC via Steam on the 4th of April, there was one question I literally had to ask – is the PC version also censored like the PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch western releases?

death mark censored 1

Which will it be?

Before I get to the answer, you may be asking yourself why I would ask the question? It’s quite well known that the PC gets uncut versions of games but the consoles are held back, this is due to the rating boards requirements only really being necessary on consoles.


However, I’ve recently reviewed Song of Memories on the PS4 and that also had slight censorship in regards to changing the ‘school’ to an ‘academy’, yet that was present on both the PC and the console versions.

So, I asked and I think a lot of you will be happy with the answer I received from Aksys games

death mark censored 2

Artists Impression…

The Steam version is the complete uncensored version of the game.

So, there you have it, When Death Mark finally comes to Steam in April, you’ll have the uncensored version. I personally wasn’t that fussed about the image change on the PS4 as it didn’t change the narrative or the gameplay, but I know a lot of you were.

This is an open letter to every single person who posted on Twitter and either abused Aksys Games, demanded an uncensored version or claimed they lost a customer by changing a single image in the entire 40+ hour experience – I really hope you all go out and purchase this game once it comes to Steam. There was a lot of noise generated indirectly from my original review and I even got a bit of abuse for defending Aksys Games for making a single change so that the game could get released over here. I just hope everyone will now keep their promise and pick it up, support the publisher and the developers, and show them that we now want NG to get localised and brought to western markets!

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