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Hello, and welcome to GamePitt. We’re a relatively new gamer-ran website dedicated to reviewing pretty much anything we can get out hands on, from AAA blockbusters to obscure and niche titles you’ve possibly never heard of. As a mark of respect to all the developers and publishers we work with, we aim to complete as much of the games as we can before we even think about writing something or making a formal opinion on how we feel.

As our site is primarily made up of gaming reviews, our team isn’t made up of formally educated journalists. We are all passionate gamers, like you, who love to write about the experiences we had whilst playing the games rather than bringing up alternative agendas or reading into things which aren’t there just for the clicks. We’re unbiased towards any platform, are completely independent with nothing but our honest opinions of the games we play and don’t hold back if we have to disclose issues or problems we encountered during our long playthroughs.

Although we are very new to the industry, I believe that we deliver excellent insight into the games we play, from standard reviews to much more in-depth and detailed ones which cover a lot of information other sites don’t touch on. We are grateful to all our followers and readers and appreciate all the support and interactions we’ve had so far.

I’m truly humbled by the level of support and recognition the game developers and publishers have shown us over the last eighteen months. Here are some of the accolade trailers and images which they have shared on their official YouTube and social media feeds (clicking the name of the game will take you to our review):

Songbird Symphony – PQube Games

Call of Cthulhu – Focus Home Interactive:

My Brother Rabbit – Artifex Mundi

Train Sim World – Dovetail Games

Punch Line – PQube Games

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots – Modus Games

Arcade Spirits – PQube Games

God’sTrigger – Techland Publishing

The Great Perhaps – Daedalic Entertainment/Drageus Games

The Persistence – Firesprite

Ghost Giant – Zoink Games

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