Danganronpa Trilogy heading to the Nintendo Switch?!

*Update – my contact at NIS America has advised me that if the listing was correct then a press release would have been sent out. So, it could be that Amazon has made an error or maybe someone edited the official listing and put in the “Switch” reference themselves? Either way, nothing is true until confirmed officially by either NIS America or Spike Chunsoft*

The Danganronpa series is a set of exploration Visual Novels from Spike Chunsoft, which are also published by NIS America for the rest of the world. They follow the story of a protagonist who has been locked in a location with a bunch of classmates who have all acquired amnesia and have no idea where they are or even who they are sometimes. However, that’s the least of their problems as Monokuma, a deadly living teddy bear, is running the show as he sets out to kill you all off one by one.

It’s not that simple though, Monokuma doesn’t actually do any of the killings, he promises salvation to the last person standing, or the one who gets away with murder without being called out via a class trial. That’s right, think Ace Attorney crossed with a whodunnit mystery – you must gather evidence once a crime has been committed and then use your powers of deduction as you piece together the crime in a mock-court and sentence the killer to death. If you pick out the wrong person, then the killer goes free and everyone else dies.
Danganronpa 3
So, that’s the gist of the three main stories so far, not including the spin-off Ultra Despair Girls.  Why am I bringing it up now when Danganronpa V3 came out a few years back?

Well, there’s a trilogy collection coming out in March which contains all three games in one package on the PS4 – the three games are also out on the PS Vita and PC at the moment. However, eagle-eyed Twitter user @NintendoTweet has spotted a listing for the Nintendo Switch version on Amazon Japan!

This has had no official announcement and all the images are still of the PS4 version, so it could be an error on Amazon’s side, but other people have stated that other retailers have also listed Danganronpa V3 as a Switch title for release on the same day as well.


I’ve reached out to NIS America for confirmation on whether this is true or not and I’ll update the article accordingly once I get a reply.

Either way – does this new interest you? Do you only have a Switch and have always been intrigued by the awesome Danganronpa Series? If so, let me know below and be sure to follow us for any updates from NIS America.

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