The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker – LIVE! [9th March 2019] *Postponed*

*The live event has been postponed due to travel issues with the not-so-reliable train service! So, be sure to follow as well as follow both and for updates on when our next appointment is!*

For those of you out there who aren’t aware of The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, it’s an interactive FMV thriller in which you question the patients of the titular Doctor Dekker in the wake of his horrific murder. The twist here is that one of the people you’re interviewing, be it his assistant or one of the rather ‘unique’ patients, is the one who killed the doctor. Using your little grey cells and the power of your fingers (as you manually type in your questions), you must ask the right questions, uncover the hidden dialogue and expose the killer.

If you would like to read a full in-depth review of the original game, you can read all about it HERE as I reviewed it a few months back.

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker 6

This just about sums it all up…

So, with The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker done an dusted, with its 1600+ FMV clips and the ability to type in whatever question you want, where did D’Avekki studios, the developer, go next? Simple, they created The Shapeshifting Detective, another brilliant murder mystery FMV game in which you take the role of a hired detective who has the power to shapeshift into any of the suspects you speak to.

This critically acclaimed game contained even more footage than their previous game and even brought in support from the fans via accepting stories for the radio which were read out by popular streamers and personalities – including the original Tex Murphy.


Again, if you wish to read our full review on The Shapeshifting Detective, please click HERE.

Since the release of the Shapeshifting Detective, D’Avekki Studios and key cast members have been interacting with the fans in ways you wouldn’t usually expect. There have been numerous interviews with streamers and publications, some of the cast came and played Jackbox live with fans on stream, and the most interesting were the many playthroughs of the game by the various cast members.

One of which stood out for me, was a live broadcast of the game being played by Poe and Munro, the radio personalities within the game, yet it was occasionally broken up by the actors (Leah Cunard and Klemens Koehring) getting into character and presenting new radio segments. 

It seems D’Avekki Studios and the cast were open to a lot of experimentation and trying new things in order to both promote the games and also expand the experience until it became more than an interactive FMV. I believe this is what lead to their next venture – an Interactive Doctor Dekker Stream…

This is gonna be weird, isn’t it?!

On the 9th March 2019 at 6pm GMT, The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker – LIVE! will be broadcast on Twitch at

Staring a new patient, Eve, who is played by the talented actress Bibi Lucille (, this rather unique experience is said to follow the original game in terms of its mechanics. We, the Twitch viewers, will have the chance to type out questions that Eve will be replying to with, I presume, a lot of improv-based around the character she is portraying. Also, just like all of D’Avekki Studios’ games, there are multiple endings that have been pre-recorded yet only one of them will be played based upon the interactions and the path we lead Eve down live on the stream.

However, the only pre-recorded segments are the endings and the segway moments – if you’ve played the original game, it’s the moments where the characters are walking around the chair as you type in your questions. Other than that, the whole thing is supposedly unscripted and that’s what excites me. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the original game on my PS4, but there was something missing. I could type whatever question I wanted into the text box but there clearly wasn’t an answer to everything. However, having a live actress playing the part live opens up the possibility for a much more interactive and intriguing experience. 


Very little has been said about what to expect from this rather ingenious event, which is great as it means everything will be a surprise, but you can check out all of the teasers below. If you’re a fan of FMV, Adventure, Mystery, or even experimental games, be sure to head on over to the Twitch stream for the 6pm (GMT) start tomorrow, the 9th March 2019

Obviously, the date of the live show has come and gone. However, the full unedited video is still available to watch online, here:

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