Is ‘New’ Super Lucky’s Tale coming to the PS4? *Updated*

**Update** Today, more info arose to further enhance my initial post (below) about how I can see New Super Lucky’s Tale coming to the PS4. My conclusion was that either the exclusivity with MS has ended or the game is different enough to not be covered by the terms of their initial agreement.

The below tweet links to various online stores which have the game available to pre-order (2nd July release) along with box-art images:


So, it may not be too long before more gamers can get their hands on this delightful retro-inspired 3D Platformer. For more info on the game itself, we actually reviewed it on the Nintendo Switch, Here:

**Original Article** Super Lucky’s Tale launched on the 7th November 2017, at the launch of the Xbox One X, as an Xbox and PC Exclusive. Despite looking like a rather cute and family-friendly retro-inspired 3D platformer, the game didn’t get the best reception on sites such as Metacritic, which aggregated review scores into 59 and 64 respectively.

As far as everyone was aware, Super Lucky’s Tale was an Xbox platform Exclusive (Xbox and the Windows 10 store only), despite the prequel, Lucky’s Tale, being an Oculus Rift exclusive (and pack-in title) back in March of 2016.


Microsoft, who are beginning to expand their library of games from their own Windows Store to other store-fronts, such as Steam, sparked a deal with THQ Nordic back in August 2018 to distribute a number of their once ‘Exclusive’ titles over to the rival ‘platform’. One of these games, which would be published by Microsoft Studios digitally and THQ Nordic physically, was Super Lucky’s Tale on September 14th 2018, along with its DLC.
new super lucky's tale switch -13
Fast forward to June 2019, Playful Studios announced that a redesigned version of the second-best game staring a cartoon squirrel is heading over to the Nintendo Switch on the 8th November 2019, exactly two years since it was launched on Xbox. Due to the dates lining up exactly, one would suspect that the marketing deal which was in place with Microsoft was only two years in length, allowing the game to now branch out and launch on other platforms.

However, the Super Lucky’s Tale which we’re about to get our hands on within the next few months isn’t the same as the version we saw launch with Microsoft’s latest console. Instead, Playful Studios have apparently gone back and adjusted everything from how Lucky walks to some rather big overhauls of the game mechanics and environments – based on the footage we’ve seen so far. As such, this isn’t ‘Super Lucky’s Tale’, it’s now known as ‘New Super Lucky’s Tale‘, a name fitting for a Nintendo Platform release after the ‘ingenious’ naming of their newest 3DS model…

Check out the video below for the differences between the original version and the new one (obviously, ignore the resolution differences and concentrate on the actual gameplay and mechanic changes).

So, why put out this article and why name it “Is ‘New’ Super Lucky’s Tale coming to the PS4?” 

Back in July, Twitter user @Born2BeSlicker asked Playful Studios if the new-look New Super Lucky’s Tale will be coming to Xbox, or if it’s going to be exclusive to Nintendo’s hybrid console. The developers replied with the following tweet:

The wording of the response opens up a lot of speculation. First of all, it seems this version of the game has some sort of exclusivity to the Nintendo Switch, either due to development time, costs, the size of their team, or maybe Nintendo paid for a timed-release – nobody knows the real reason behind this statement. However, one thing’s for sure – the launch of the game on the Switch isn’t ‘thanks to Microsoft’ as a number of people have said since games like Cuphead also left their exclusivity and turned up on the platform.


Now, having talked to people about exclusivity and marketing rights in the past, there is sometimes a way to get out of such deals which also may be a thing here (I can’t confirm officially if it is). For example, Microsoft may still have the sole rights to market and publish ‘Super Lucky’s Tale’, but thanks to the ‘New’ suffix and the fact the game has undergone a rather big overhaul in order to change mechanics, gameplay and locations, this game is now most likely classed as a brand new game.

An example of this would be Aragami. This is a game which launched in 2016 on both the PS4 and PC, with the help of PS Talents. Their terms are usually quite simple – they help indie developers create a game but it can only be put out on a PlayStation console and PC. However, once the expansion pack dropped for Aragami in 2018, along with a lot of Quality of Life improvements and changes to the base game, it was released on both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as a complete collection – thus bypassing the exclusivity clause (all speculation but based on conversations I’ve had and things I’ve heard).

Personally, I’ll be picking up New Super Lucky’s Tale on the Switch later this year but I’ll also pick it up if it does eventually make the jump over to Sony’s console. I love 3D platformers such as Spyro the Dragon, Effie, Asterix & Obelix XXL 2, and Ratchet and Clank – they’re great to play on a rainy day! The developer did say they would love for more people to experience the ‘playful’ and fun adventures of this cute squirrel, so I imagine targeting the console with the biggest player base is most likely somewhere on their roadmap.

But, until then, here’s the press release information about the new ‘New Super Lucky’s Tale‘ which is out on the 8th November, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch (for now)…

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a vibrant 3D adventure platformer that follows Lucky, the ever optimistic and lovable hero, on a quest to find his inner strength and save the world.
A vibrant, 3D adventure platformer with roots in genre classics, upgraded with best-in-class mechanics, built by and for platforming fans.
Key Features
• The adventure of a young fox who embarks on a journey through the unknown and becomes a hero.
• Features all new levels, redesigned original levels, tighter movement control, a fully rotatable camera, and improvements to nearly every other aspect, including art, lighting, cinematics, dialogue, UI, sound, music, and more.
• A true 3D adventure platformer with a range of worlds that are a blast to explore and play!
• Designed for all ages and skill levels.
• Meet a delightful and memorable cast of characters along the way!

This is an opinion/speculation post

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