The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope – Curator’s Cut (it’s finally out!)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope released back in October 2020, the latest game in the ‘Dark Anthology’ series by Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco. At launch, the game had various modes for playing on your own or with another person locally or online, but this meant that in order to see all the scenes within the game, you had to play with another person (as certain scenes are locked unless you’re playing as the alternative characters). This also happened in Man of Medan when that launched the year before this one.

To fix this, the developers release a ‘Curator’s Cut’ DLC, a small update that allows you to play as the other people whilst in single player, so you can see everything and have a slightly different experience than you did the first time. Today, March 1st 2021, Bandai Namco has just released the Curator’s Cut DLC on PSN (without any fanfare, from what I can see). This FREE DLC states:

The Curator’s cut features new scenes playable from the other characters’ perspective giving the player brand new choices and decisions to make and an alternative view of the game with a different set of consequences

The Curator’s cut is only available once you have completed the main story.

Thanks to the new website, obtaining the DLC may not be clear if you own a PS5, here’s the process…

– Go to the ‘Little Hope’ game tile (either on your home screen or by selecting it from the library) on your PS5 (the website no longer lets you see DLC items).
– Once the tile is selected, showing the ‘play’ or ‘install’ button, push down and you should see the DLC listed as a free download.
– Press the ‘Purchase’ button and you’re good to go.

If you’re on a PS4 then you can simply go to the store > What’s New > all the way to the right > view all DLC (or push down on the tile, as you do on the PS5).

Alternatively, you can access the old PSN website and pick it up there – It’s a license so you don’t even need to ‘download’ it on your console, simply access the old site (below) and then it’ll automatically be available on your PS4 or PS5 – as long as you have the latest update for the game.


The old website’s link (UK) is HERE.
*update* – You can apparently search for DLCs on the website now, just not browse them. As such, you can view the Curator’s DLC on the new website, HERE.

It seems the Curator’s DLC is also available on Xbox, so I suspect it’ll be on Steam shortly as well.

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