Celebrate Talking Tom’s 10th birthday via the global ‘Pok-A-Tom’!

If you own a smart device, be it a tablet, smartphone, or touchscreen media player, I imagine you’ve heard of Talking Tom Cat. Well, did you know that there have been 23 games on the App Store and Play Store which feature the global superstar?! Nobody could have guessed just how popular the app would be, with the original game itself clocking in at over 350 million downloads so far. The amount of fun and entertainment Tom has provided to children over the last ten years is immeasurable and incredible.

His success doesn’t stop with mobile applications either, his YouTube channels have over 61 million subscribers, he has a popular Netflix show, and the franchise is the 9th most in-demand family show in the world. In regards to the games, the latest one, My Talking Tom Friends, has hit multiple records with both pre-registration numbers and downloads. Just to put this into context, the game went live on the 12th June and it’s already been downloaded over 100 million times! It’s also estimated that there have been over 13 billion downloads when you combine all 23 applications – these numbers are crazy for a ten-year-old IP.

But, today we’re here to talk about something else, it’s time to talk about poking…
Talking Tom 1
When I was younger, we used to gather around the birthday boy in the school playground and dish out the customary ‘Birthday Beats’, punching the unlucky birthday boy in the arm multiple times in relation to how old they were – plus one for ‘good luck’. Talking Tom seems to want to join in, only instead of receiving a  beating, he wants everyone to poke him. The other difference is that he isn’t contempt with only being poked ten times, to match his age, he wants to be poked between 10 and 20 BILLION times! I hope he doesn’t bruise easily!

The rules are simple, every single poke issued to this poor kitty accross five locations will be combined and rewards will be issued if you all reach a certain threshold. So, where can you poke Tom?


Pokes are being registered via the Talking Tom Cat, My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, and Talking Tom Friends applications on both iOS and Android. If you don’t have access to these, or you just want to give Tom a good poking during your lunch break at work, you can also annoy the brave feline over on the website: https://outfit7.com – here, you can also see how many pokes have currently been performed on him (it’s currently around 1.5 billion as of today).
Talking Tom 2
This ‘Poke-a-thon’, which is aptly named the ‘Pok-a-Tom’ (although I personally would have left the ‘e’ in ‘Poke’), is running for ten days only – to match his age. We’re a little late in reporting on this event as it started two days ago, meaning you have eight days left to torture Tom. To be precise, the event stops at 24:00 CET on July 20th. Seeing as it’s only been live for just under two days and it’s already reached 15% of the target, it seems like it’s on track to achieving the initial goal of 10 billion pokes.

But, what’s in it for me I hear you ask? The developers have promised to provide the below rewards (premium currencies) to everyone who has logged in and played at least once between now and the end of the event, as long as the number of pokes at least hits 10 billion:

There’s no reward for poking Tom within ‘Talking Tom Cat‘ as there’s no premium currency within that game. However, if you do poke him in there then it still counts towards unlocking the rewards for everyone and it’s quite satisfying to hear him react as your prodding fingers tap away at him!

If you’ve not used the apps for a while (I know you’ve all played at least one of the four apps in this event), why not re-download them and give your fingers some exercise? Even if you’re an adult and won’t find much use in the coins which are offered as a prize, you’ll be helping the millions of children who would love to have some free credits within the game. Think of it as a random act of kindness or your good deed for the day – plus, you never know, you might become addicted to them once you start poking away!

You can find out more about all the games and the latest news via the developers’ website, here: https://outfit7.com/applications/

This is a timed event which is on until 24:00 CET on July 20th

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