Cold Iron v1.2 – The Wildcard Update

Howdy partners, today I’m doing a recap of a really fun PSVR title which I got to play and review a few months back, Cold Iron. When it came out I said:

Cold Iron is a short but sweet PSVR title. It combines VR with a stand-off shooting mechanic and puzzles in a way which has you yearning for more as the game comes to its climax at around 90 minutes. The challenges, secrets and temptation of a new bonus duel keep the game fresh and offers plenty of replayability – especially seeing as the outcome of the puzzles is different each time even though the solution is the same. There are a few moments when the PSVR limitations are apparent and causes issues with visibility, but that’s down to hardware and not the game. All-in-all, this is a great first attempt at VR and I would recommend it to anyone who wants something a little different for their PSVR which can be played both sat down and stood up.

I found the original 1.0 version of the game to be a very enjoyable and replayable title with in-game trophies to unlock, as well as the PSN trophies, a replayable bonus round, a secret bonus duel, and more. Version 1.01 came out shortly after and fixed the issues I had with the visibility in a few rounds as the resolution or graphical clarity was increased for both the Pro and the base PS4.

Now we have been given version 1.02, so whats different? Here is the official information:

NEW: EXHIBITION MODE–Duel against individual opponents with the ability to quickly retry the same opponent if you lose.
NEW: TRAINING MODE–Play four new games to hone your gunslinging skills.
NEW: SHOOTOUT (TRAINING)–Shoot outlaws that appear from behind cover, but be careful not to shoot innocents!
NEW: JUGGLER’S QUEST (TRAINING)–Shoot bottles and cans that rain from the sky. Make it to the end and defeat the boss to win.
NEW: ENDLESS SHOOTOUT (TRAINING)–Outlaws appear faster and faster the more you shoot. The game ends when you shoot an innocent.
NEW: JUGGLE FOREVER (TRAINING)–More cans are added as time passes. The game ends when anything touches the ground.
NEW: HARDCORE MODE–For serious gunslingers only! Enabling this option limits you to six bullets per round and forces you to holster the gun at your hip and cock it before firing.
NEW: DIFFICULTY OPTIONS–Adjust the difficulty level in Exhibition Mode and Juggler’s Quest.
NEW: PRIZES–Earn points for duelling, training, and discovering secrets. Spend points to unlock new guns, alternate gun sounds, and saloon decorations.
IMPROVED: MENUS–Get a better look at the statues you’ve unlocked. All of our menus have been re-designed to be prettier and more informative.
IMPROVED: OPTIONS–In addition to Hardcore Mode, you now have the option of automatically skipping all cutscenes.
IMPROVED: GRAPHICS–Cold Iron is smoother and higher resolution than ever on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.
IMPROVED: CONTROLS–You can now use the Move button to cock the gun on PS4.
IMPROVED: SCORING–Base scores for several duels were re-calculated based on player feedback. There’s gold in them duels!
FIXED: You can now skip the mini-cutscene between the 10th and 11th duels in Campaign Mode.
FIXED: Fixed a rare holster UI bug.

As you can see, the team at Catch & Release have been very busy working on the game since launch in order to deliver a massive update for FREE to everyone. So, just what do each of the new features do? Check out the video below and I’ll go into more detail below it:

Footage of the new update:

EXHIBITION MODE: I found this to be a great practice mode for the game. You can quickly pick any enemy, apart from the final boss, and replay the shoot-out over and over until your heart’s content. This means you can practice your aiming, speed, and work out how the puzzles work if you are a little unsure
SHOOTOUT (TRAINING): I loved this mode! it reminds me of those old lightgun games on the Mega CD back in the day! You have an old wild west building in front of you with random people appearing from the doors and windows. You must shoot the bad guys (those with guns) whilst avoiding the innocent men and women who, rather stupidly, put themselves in harm’s way! This mode has both a standard set timed mode and an endless mode where you keep going until you shoot an innocent person. Truth be told, when I played the endless mode I didn’t last very long!
JUGGLER’S QUEST (TRAINING): If you’ve played the game before or seen my video on it then you will have seen/played the watermelon bonus round, where watermelons are shot in the air and you have to shoot them with no aiming guidance. This mode goes one step further, you have to juggle cans by shooting them. Once again, there are two modes, a timed one which has a boss at the end who reminds me of the firebomb enemies from Final Fantasy 7, and an endless mode. In endless, you get more and more cans added over time and it gets ridiculously hard!
HARDCORE MODE: The devs like to make things difficult – having to cock your gun and only having six bullets per round, this was okay for me as I tend to kill people in one shot, but for newcomers – play the normal mode first.
EASTER EGGS: As far as I’m aware, these are literal eggs… I found five on the menu screen and I’m not sure if they are also in other rounds. The only purpose I found for them was to give you points, points which can be used to unlock…
PRIZES: This is personally one of the best updates to the Wildcard update for me as I’m a sucker for unlocking new items. If you play any of the new modes above, find the Easter Eggs, or play through the main game, then you will earn yourself points, and what do points mean? Points mean prizes! From changing the sound of your gunshot to a pew-pew noise or a dog barking to changing your gun’s skin to a banana! Just adding these features basically made me want to reply the game again in order to try and unlock the banana gun.

One final bit of news regarding the update, Cold Iron has also received a permanent price reduction on the PSN store (and over on Steam). It was £15.99 but now it’s £11.49 (or your local equivalent), so there are no excuses not to pick this game up and take a look – there is a load of new content which easily increases the life of the game to over double it was at launch.


Let me know down below if you picked it up, I personally really enjoyed the title and love the new Wildcard update. Below are two videos, my original footage showing off the game and the official trailer… Enjoy!!!
Original v1.0 footage:

Official Trailer:

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