Poop Slinger (PS4) Review

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Not another shitty game on the PSN store! Why is Sony allowing all this crap on there” – to which I would like to say, yeah, the game is shitty but not in the sense you’re thinking. Poop Slinger from Diggidy.net is a humorous static shooter game that contains a lot of childish innuendoes and rather crude fart-joke humour.

If you can look past its clunky menu and questionable subject matter, what you find underneath is actually a rather competent shooter with a decent amount of content and objectives. 

poop slinger 1

It’s like Hitman: Sniper Assassin, only with poop!

Poop slinger has no story which is something I’m actually quite relieved about! If it did have one then I would imagine it would be something like this:  ‘You’re a guy who’s had enough of this world treating him like shit. One day, you wake up and think to yourself “All these happy people out there in the world make me sick! I wish there was something I could do in order to make them feel like I do with the whole world taking a massive dump on me every day”. Then, whilst sat upon his throne for his morning routine, an idea ‘poops’ into his head – “Eureka! I’ll literally show them what it’s like to be me!”. Thus, our faceless protagonist sets out to paint the world brown as he dons his slinger and endless excrement as he shows the world what it’s like to feel as shitty as he does!’

Like I said though, there is no story but the above kinda sums it all up for you. You must utilise various weaponry as you take on various scenes during both day and night as you fire your poop-projectiles at the passers-by in order to amass the highest score for bragging rights among your friends. Seriously though, the game is actually a lot of fun if you like childish humour and don’t mind playing a game that encourages you to ‘poop on a duck’ or ‘poop in a mouth whilst they are yawning’…

poop slinger 2

At night you need the torch otherwise you can’t see who you’re pooping on!

Mechanically, the game works as well as you’d expect. You use the right stick to aim and the R2 button to launch your poop at the unsuspecting victims. The projectiles have a slight dip in their accuracy depending on the distance fired – which is pretty cool as I wasn’t actually expecting physics or gravity to come into play within the game if I’m being honest. What I mean by this is you have to aim above the targets in the background in order to take into account the dip you’ll get as the poop flies through the air. 

The main portion of the game will have you open firing against innocent happy-go-lucky passers-by. There are quite a few different civilians, each with their own particular movement style. For example, the runners will run past at a faster speed yet you get more points for hitting them, the slow walkers are only worth a few points and the VIP who appears at the end of the level is worth a load of points. The amount of points you get is also decided by how far into the distance they are. Someone who is in the foreground may only be worth 10 points, yet the same guy three layers back will now be worth 20-30 points. Also, as I mentioned above, if you manage to deliver your poop-parcel into a character’s mouth as they stop to yawn then you’ll get your usual amount plus a double score bonus – so effectively 300% of the usual score. 

There are also a few ‘special’ things to keep an eye out for such as chickens, ducks, boomboxes and more – landing a well-aimed deadly dump on these will bag you a trophy and even more points!

poop slinger 3

There are six options on this menu screen even though it looks like three…

As previously noted, the menu system is very basic and a little clunky for my liking. It does the job, sure, but the whole thing feels like a mobile game or a game where you’re meant to click on things – Poop Slinger is a PC game, so I suspect that’s why. It’s just small things like the game returning you to the main menu when you finish a round and it auto-defaulting on the ‘lavatory’ section rather than the option to play again – it’s not a big issue but it’s one aspect I feel could have done with a little more polish. 


Speaking of the menu, let’s run through the various things you can select on here, starting with the aforementioned ‘Lavatory’ option:

This is one of the clunky menus as it’s split into six options yet at first glance, you would think there is only three with their descriptions below. Here you can buy or select new ‘Slingers’, each with their own Range, Sling Rate and Heat (amount of times you can fire in a row before you have to ‘cool down’). You can also change the colour of your poop (through buying or unlocking), Purchase mods such as a torch for night time and increases to your base stats, check out how many poops you’ve shot and which characters you’ve hit, and see if you’ve unlocked any trophies. You can also adjust the audio settings within this menu which seems a little out of place as I would have thought this would have been in its own ‘options’ menu.

poop slinger 4

There are a few varied maps that introduce new ‘collectables’ and various times of the day.

This is what you’d expect. It displays the Daily, Weekly and All-Time top 18 scores for the main game, the TP Mode and the Survival Mode. I imagine this leaderboard is only based on the PS4 version and it’s a great way to compare your score with the crap scores your mates manage to achieve!

Select Map:
This is another strange design choice, you must go into this option in order to pick what map you wish to play on before you actually start the game mode below. I would have thought having this pop up as you pick a mode would have made more sense? Either way, you start off initially with one map – Town Day: 1 block – and as you splatter more civilians you’ll unlock up to nine maps in total which include the Park, a Mall, an Airport, and even a Port. These come in either Day, Dusk or Night varieties as well with the night ones offering more high-value poop-targets yet you need to use the torch otherwise it’s too dark to see anything!

poop slinger 5

Stop the Toilet Paper from hitting the ground!

And now we come to the actual game modes in Poop Slinger:

This is the main mode of Poop Slinger, you must eliminate the high-value target when they appear. This mode is simply the level you selected above filled with random NPCs for you to soil with your chosen weapon as the timer counts up (for some reason) until around the 2:20 mark which is when a high valued character with red smoke coming out of them will appear in the background. Once that character has been shat in the face, or when they make it to the other side of the screen, the level is over and you get a level summary. 


TP Mode:
This mode is pretty hard if I’m being honest. You basically have to complete exactly the same process as above, only without the high-value person coming in at just over two minutes, with the added task of stopping the toilet paper from hitting the floor. Now, I’m not quite sure why toilet paper landing on the floor will end the game, I imagine it’s because the passers-by can use it to clean themselves with? Either way, if I had been coated in crap whilst walking to work, I wouldn’t think “ohhh, some toilet paper, that’s fine – poop away!” Regardless, the objective is to last as long as you can and rack up as many points as you can without allowing the TP to touch the floor

Again, this is the same as the previous two modes only without a high-value person or the toilet paper, your objective here is to get as many points as you can before the timer runs out. Your time is extended as you eliminate with your excrement. This mode is pretty tricky but both this and Survival aren’t unlocked until you have defeated a set number of NPCs and neither mode actually matter in terms of the trophies – if that’s what you bought the game for. 

Slinger Range:
This is the practice mode/tutorial. Here you can pick whatever weapon you wish to practice with and go wild on all the targets as you experiment with the drop in distance targets and how each of the slingers handles. 

poop slinger 6

The characters are straight from Roblox/Minecraft in a world where rounded edges don’t exist…

Visually the game isn’t as bad as you would expect. It’s all very comedic and clearly, a joke game in terms of its subject matter. So don’t be worried that you’ll see realistic characters or skid marks! That being said, it may be blocky and a game based on right-angled squares and rectangles, but it is pleasing to look at and nice and sharp with easy to see characters and objectives. Does it push the PS4 or the Pro to its limit? Of course not. Could it technically have been ported to the PS Vita as well? Most likely. However, if you don’t mind the crude humour then you’ll probably enjoy it as I did. 


Sound-wise, Poop Slinger has the same audio track playing constantly in the background and the Poop Slinger sounds more like someone punching a pillow than a satisfying splat upon impact. However, the occasional comments from the disgusted NPCs are pretty fun as they shout out in a bunch of accents how they clearly don’t like the fact they are covered in crap!

Poop Slinger is a very simple shooter game that technically works well but some may find the subject matter a little too disgusting for their tastes! Personally, I had fun with this game and a few of my mates who I’ve let have a go have also enjoyed its mindless action and pointless nature as well. Sometimes it’s nice to just pop on a game which you can aimlessly waste 10-15 minutes in whilst you’re waiting for something to cook or something to download – Poop Slinger is perfect for that reason – I wouldn’t really recommend playing it for long sessions, just short bursts. I kinda wish it was also on the PS Vita as then you could technically play it whilst doing other, more appropriate, activities!

Sure, it’s not the best looking game in the world and the audio leaves a lot to be desired, but I enjoyed playing it and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Plus, the poo-puns are all over the various menus which just adds to the crude humour the developer has gone for!

Official Trailer:

Final Conclusion:
Poop Slinger is a mindless fun casual shooter game that revolves around crude jokes and imagery. It won’t be for everyone as you’re literally launching poop-pellets at unsuspecting victims as they go about their daily routine. Mechanically, Poop Slinger works great as a static shooter and even offers a decent progression system with both the number of people you poop on and the amount of money you earn are used to unlock later modes, levels and weaponry. The music and the sound effects do let the game down a little and the visuals, whilst sharp and easy to see, are a bit dated on Sony’s latest machine.


Either way, if you want a fun game to kill the time for 10-15 minutes a session, pick up Poop Slinger and let ’em rip!

A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes

Poop Slinger


Final Score


The Good:

  • - Silly, mindless fun
  • - Will keep younger ones amused for hours as they aim to unlock all of the various weapons and levels
  • - Simple graphics but very sharp and easy to make out
  • - Lots of puns

The Bad:

  • - Can get a little repetitive after a while
  • - The music is a single track on loop
  • - The imagery and subject matter may not appeal to most people
  • - The menu is a bit cumbersome
  • - No Platinum Trophy
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