The Uncertain: Episode 1 – The Last Quiet Day (PC) Review

The Uncertain: Episode 1 – The Last Quiet Day gives us an important look into a possible robot-dominated future. Humans have been extinct for years and robots have been cleaning up the world in order to build their own civilization. All robots have a role they were given at their creation, but not RT-217NP, or RT for short.

The Uncertain 1

The apocalypse happens and this guy still lives in style

RT does not know why he was built. This gives him the ability to live a distinct life how he desires. He lives in a dilapidated home in the country, scavenges old human technology to create useful tools for his brethren, and has been able to stop the regular updates sent to all robots. This quiet life is disturbed, however, when a hovercraft crashes outside his home, containing a destroyed robot pilot and…. humans?? But didn’t they all die off by their own means? Why are the police-bots not phased by the continued existence of the species thought extinct? And when will RT update his firmware?!?

The Uncertain is a game that utilises tech-driven puzzles and problem-solving to progress. RT can interact with objects and other robots in a variety of ways with his action wheel. You will always be able to get a narrative from RT about what he’s seeing and will either be able to handle or pick up the item, talk with the other entity, or use items on certain points of interest. Be careful, however, as when you are given different options for speech paths, you can only choose one. You will not be able to go back to gather more information. I have assumed that you will get all the information regardless of choice, but it is disappointing to have the options without being able to explore them all.

The puzzles will range in difficulty, so keep your thinking caps on! Some are incredibly easy to solve, while others will require you to interact with the environment around you to pick up on clues or repeating patterns.

The graphics are reminiscent of Fallout 4 and The Division, giving the game the atmosphere of a devastated world beginning anew. The country and wilderness are still and peaceful, while the city, in its own eerily quiet ways, has its secret activity and buzz that makes you feel like there’s something happening, you just don’t know what. As if there are eyes on you at all times.

The Uncertain 2

I guess morals are subjective?

AI Ethics
Society has been fascinated with robotics and Artificial Intelligence for decades. We love learning about new technology and how it can help us, or engaging with stories that delve into our collective psyche regarding the ethics and morals that come with proper cybernetic treatment and respect. These stories and scenarios are unique to any other aspect of human civilization, as we are actively seeking an ethical foundation to a facet of life as we know it before it becomes total reality. In other words, we are making fairy tales and life lessons as guides for the future without depending on tragedies in order to prevent them.

The Uncertain takes these moral codes a step further by diving into how Artificial Intelligence will treat the minorities that are humans. Will they help those that survive? Use them as resources? Or just kill the lot of us like bugs entering a home? We’d like to hope there are enough robots like RT who would help, even if they are fueled by curiosity and the need to rebel against the system of lies fed to the masses.

the uncertain 3

The Uncertain: Episode 2 – Light at the End

Episode 2?
The reason we have taken a look at The Uncertain: Episode 1, a game from back in 2016, is because Episode 2 is currently being crowdfunded over on Kickstarter, which you can check out here. As of publishing this review, the game has only three days left on its campaign yet you can download a tech demo from the above link should you wish to try it out before you back it. Similarly, if you wish to give The Uncertain: Episode 1 a try, for free, then Gamnesia are giving away 5k codes on their website, here.

From what we’ve played, we really enjoyed RT’s adventure so far and we really hope Episode 2 is created so that we can continue and see what happens next. Try to nab a free copy of Episode 1, try out the tech demo for Episode 2, and consider backing the developers to help part 2 reach its goal. It appears 85% of the game is complete, Kickstarter is to add more content. On a side note, the developers have also acquired voice artists such as Jo Wyatt (Ciri from The Witcher 3) and Dolya Gavanski (Zarya from Overwatch).

Disclaimer – the developers didn’t ask us to write about or look at this game. We obtained a free code via the above link and decided to take a look at it on our own accord. I, (Rob), have also chosen to back the project.

Official Trailer:

Final Conclusion:
The Uncertain: Episode 1 – The Last Quiet Day shares a post-apocalyptic future most of us would like to see stay fiction. Our saviour, RT-217NP, is a glimmer of hope in a dark world for humanity. His curiosity and desire for a more meaningful purpose will lead him on an action-packed journey filled with unique techy puzzles, a gang of misfit robots and high-speed hovercar chases. Envelop yourself in this latest addition to every sci-fi geek’s collection.

A code for the game was acquired via the 5k free codes link in the article.

The Uncertain: Episode 1 - The Last Quiet Day


Final Score


The Good:

  • - Beautiful graphics
  • - Unique puzzles
  • - Brilliant storytelling

The Bad:

  • - Limited dialogue options
  • -No item storage
  • -Running mechanic broken?
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