Muddledash (Nintendo Switch) Video Review

Muddledash is a new local multiplayer party game from developer Slampunks and publisher PQube on both the Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s a rather interesting game in which you take the role of a neon-coloured octopus who must fend off other competitors in order to get to the party with their present first. As It’s a multiplayer-only title, I let my friend Amy (@Zweshock) review it for me on her switch as I wasn’t likely to get a load of mates gathered around my PC at my flat!

Here is her review:

So, what would you expect to get out of playing Muddledash?

• Up to four players can jump in at once on either the PC or the Nintendo Switch.
• There are numerous colours of octopi to choose from and a large variety of accessories to customise your character.
• If you’re not the one with the present, you can slap, kick, boop and outrun the one who has in order to steal it off them.
• Every new stage is procedurally generated which means no two stages will ever be the same!
• The game is accessible in both its visuals and its mechanics to people of all ages.


Race to the party whilst carrying the single present!

My Opinion:
Amy has presented her opinion and thoughts above, but what about mine?

Muddledash is such a fun little party game. It isn’t too deep and there aren’t a load of controls to try and remember. It’s a pick-up-and-play type of game that is perfect for short bursts of gameplay rather than long sessions. It’s also a great game for younger children as well as competitive adults! I love the fact each stage is procedurally generated and how fast it is to jump straight into a new round once one has finished. It’s basically a game that has no purpose other than to keep the players entertained for a while as they try and beat each other over and over again. 

That being said, Muddledash is only going to appeal to those who know they will always have someone to play with as the multiplayer aspect is only local and you can’t play the game solo with CPU controlled opponents. 

Official Trailer:

A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes



Final Score


The Good:

  • Very fun
  • Nice and cheap
  • Anyone can pick up and play the game
  • Very cute and colourful graphics

The Bad:

  • Local multiplayer only - no CPU opponents or online
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