Yuppie Psycho (PC – Steam) Review

It’s quite rare for indie games to shine out from the masses of AAA games nowadays, while many are still decent, you sort of expect a lower quality game right from the start. However, despite being an indie game, Yuppie Psycho manages to easily stand out with its immersive gameplay and zany plot.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any crazier, Yuppie Psycho proves you wrong…
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The story follows Brian Pasternack who suddenly got a job offer from Sintracorp, one of the world’s largest companies, even though he didn’t exactly apply for it. Seeing as Brian is only a class G citizen (one of the lowest in the class system), he decided to at least take a look around the company, wanting to find out whether the offer was only a joke or actually the real deal in hopes it will boost him to class A. In the end, he decides to sign the contract and take the job, unaware of what he was actually signing up for. However, during his orientation, he begins to see just how weird and creepy the company actually is as Sintra, who communicates to him via his PC, explains to him that he been hired as a witch hunter.

With the guide of Sintra, he is trying to survive deadly attacks while detecting and defeating a mysterious witch and her minions. Just another day at the office!

Yuppie Psycho is a very unique game in many ways, I went in without any prior knowledge and was simply amazed at how crazy and insane a story can become without being cringy or generic about it. You play as the protagonist, Brian Pasternack, and are investigating, hiding and fighting off bosses with the ultimate goal of finding the witch. Although the game is a little confusing in the beginning, it slowly starts to reveal its gripping plot as you discover little snippets of the story here and there.

Yuppie Psycho isn’t only a horror game, it’s so much more than this with an interesting plot and great character development which made me care for Brian and his friends a lot, I found myself always hoping for everything to turn out well in the end.
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In Yuppie Psycho you can move around freely and investigate a lot of areas, looking for limited resources which you’ll need throughout the game. Additionally, it is possible to combine multiple items such as coffee or toast with cheese in order to fill up your health bar. While some resources are limited, I found a lot of them throughout the game when I was taking my time interacting with everything, so you never need to worry about not having enough of them.


While this game is not hard at all, I found it a bit annoying that you need ‘witch paper’ to be able to save your game progress (Rob: like the dreaded ink ribbons in Resident Evil!). Thankfully, the witch paper can be found at multiple spots and additionally bought with cheese later in the game. The player can freely choose to save when a photocopier is found, although you will need to also add ink to the photocopier for it to function properly.  This made it impossible for me to play the game in short bursts, as I didn’t want to waste my resources, so I only played it when I knew I have a few hours to spare.

While the player doesn’t have to be too careful about saving for the most part in Yuppie Psycho, it is possible to lose a lot of progress should you lose all your health whilst figuring out how to defeat the bosses. However, there are a few checkpoints available where your progress gets auto-saved, although they are very limited.
yuppie psycho 3
Throughout the game, there are quite a few puzzles available which I found quite challenging at times. They are not difficult to a point of not being able to solve them but require logical thinking and careful investigation. That being said, the boss battles and enemies spread through the game are almost puzzles in themselves, you must try and avoid them by either hiding or creating a path in order to escape. I found it very unique that you never actually kill any bosses, alternately studying the mechanics and ‘patterns’ of the battles as you figure out how to either scare them away or simply flee. However, you’re still technically defeating them as you won’t meet the bosses in their dangerous state again. Each of the enemies has its own unique attacks and different ways of injuring the player, so it’s required to get familiar with their mechanics in order to make it through the dangerous parts of the game.

Although there are a lot of side content to discover, which are optional, I feel that some of them should have been implemented into the main story as they are a necessity to understanding the story better and clears up a lot of questions the main narrative creates. I found that the other optional content was very interesting as they all felt very rewarding upon completing the task at hand. Sadly, I found the directions a bit tricky as you have to carefully read and remember them in order to be able to know what to do or where to head next.

The pixel art is very charming in Yuppie Psycho, even the cutscenes are displayed in the same style. Although it doesn’t offer voice over, the soundtracks are very fitting and utterly complemented the game’s creepy scenes. While I found the dialogues between its characters quite entertaining, the way the sentences are divided was a bit awkward. On a number of occasions, the last word of a sentence often got displayed as a single word in the text box due to the length of the sentence. This isn’t a big issue, but it would have been nice if the text was shortened or split up a bit better. 

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Final Conclusion:
Yuppie Psycho is an entertaining horror survival game within a new genre I’m calling: survival at the workplace. I wasn’t expecting a serious plot between the zany happenings, yet the creative narrative kept me playing right until the end when everything started to finally make sense to me. Yuppie Psycho had so many great little touches which helped it stand out from the crowd, for me it was the fact you have to investigate and learn your foes patterns in order to survive, rather than running at them with a weapon. Although I found the save function a bit annoying, there should be no problem finding enough resources within the game.


That being said, I can easily recommend Yuppie Psycho to anyone who appreciates an atmospheric horror game with a nice plot, great character building, adorable artwork and soundtracks which will give you goosebumps. Yuppie Psycho is a special game that is much more than your everyday survival horror game.

A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes

Yuppie Psycho


Final Score


The Good:

  • - Good character development with a gripping and interesting plot
  • - Entertaining zany happenings
  • - Lovely pixel art
  • - Atmospheric soundtracks
  • - Variety of enemies and bosses

The Bad:

  • - Savable only with witch paper might turn some people off
  • - Awkward text formatting

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