Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply (PS4) Review

Have you ever woken from a dream as you’re falling down, getting shot, or becoming involved in some other horrific accident or event? That’s the core gameplay concept within Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply. It’s not a game about death and actual realistic events, it’s all about forcing yourself to wake up from a series of outlandish dreams our protagonist has found himself stuck within.

Originally planned as DLC before becoming a stand-alone 1.5 sequel, Sleepin’ Deeply both looks and plays like the original Suicide Guy; so, let’s take a look at why you should buy this game today…

Suicide Guy Sleepin' Deeply 1

We’re back!

If you’ve played the original Suicide Guy then the story will sound very similar, if you haven’t then what are you waiting for! It’s a great escape room puzzle game – go buy it! Our protagonist is once again watching TV as he channel surfs and looks for something to watch which doesn’t require him to move at all. However, he stumbles upon an advert for a new Extra Strong version of his favourite beer (because drinking never caused him any issues in the original game…). This reminds him that has actually had a bottle in his fridge…

So, as our protagonist downs the strong alcohol in one, he proceeds to pass out and dreams wild and wacky things as he once again appears within his dream diner. For those who never played the original, the diner is a sort of ‘dream limbo’ in which our protagonist is stuck within and can’t wake up from. He must go full-on ‘Inception’ as he dives into sub-dreams within this realm in order to force the main door to open so he can technically kill himself and wake up from this nightmarish dream. 


That’s right, it’s called ‘Suicide Guy’ because you have to kill yourself within your dreams using very imaginative solutions in order to wake up.

Suicide Guy Sleepin' Deeply 2

Ohhh, Tamagotchi!

Sleepin’ Deeply is a lot like the original Suicide Guy game, which is to be expected as it was originally penned as a DLC rather than an expansion. So, expect the same clunky, yet acceptable, controls we saw in the original. One thing I did find strange is that the developer, Chubby Pixel, has kept in the punch and burp mechanics yet I never had to use either within my whole platinum playthrough. The movement of our protagonist still feels a little floaty and the jump and climb mechanics leave a lot to be desired, but it all works and adds to the charm of the game, especially if you’ve played the original.

If you’re wondering about the gameplay, Sleepin’ Deeply is basically an Escape Room game, you are placed within a strange environment and it’s your job to try and kill yourself. Without giving away too much, one of the levels involves you pushing a marble and then running through an over-sized bedroom as you navigate obstacles to get to the end before the marble does (as there’s a surprise waiting for you) and my favourite has you looking after a giant Tamagotchi! I strongly advise you to play this game without looking at people playing it online first though as you’ll get so much more from it. The fourth level, for example, took me about an hour to figure out – maybe more!

Suicide Guy Sleepin' Deeply 3

Literally “put a cork in it”.

Okay, so the negatives – There’s not a lot of content. However, I’d still recommend picking it up if you like strange and unusual puzzle games which have some logic behind them. The original base game had 25 levels for you to work through, Sleepin’ Deeply gives us six. However, there are three bonus levels you can play through – including a Christmas and Halloween level, but the third bonus level was also part of the original game as well. So, you don’t quite get as much for your money this time around, but I still got around three-four hours out of it. 

One of my other minor complaints stems from the fact this was originally DLC – there’s technically no tutorial or control hints. Sure, I’ve played the original game and got the platinum so I know how to pick things up and interact with objects, but a new person won’t. I don’t recall seeing any hints along the way as I played the game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a hard game or a difficult one to pick up and play, but it does forget that it’s a stand-alone title sometimes. 

Suicide Guy Sleepin' Deeply 4

Everything is large this time around.


To balance out the negativity, Chubby Pixel has done a great job with the puzzles once again. Instead of having the solution right there in front of you, and so obvious it may as well hold a sign saying “this is the solution”, most of the puzzles are rather cryptic and take a while to figure out. As such, the fourth puzzle had me stumped for over an hour. That one involves traversing through a rocky desert in order to find blueprints. Once you have a blueprint, you can mail order the item to you so you can obtain new items. Then, you need to also put multiple orders together to create combined items that allow you to progress even further. It’s all rather ingenious and very fun to work out.

There are also a few trophies that require you to go out of your way and do the opposite of the solution in order to unlock them as well as having to find and collect all of the statues which are once again scattered throughout the levels. Seriously, if you don’t use a guide to help you out, Sleepin’ Deeply could last you a decent amount of time for the price you pay for it, if you decided to use a guide then I imagine you could be walking away with a platinum in around half an hour. 

Personally, I would love it if the developer offered some sort of double pack for around £9.99 which included both the base game and Sleepin’ Deeply as I feel you get the best experience if you’ve played both of them. As it stands, I’d probably advise you to pick up the base game first, as you have many more levels and imaginative environments, and if you like it then you should certainly pick up Sleepin’ Deeply to continue your adventures through Dream Limbo!

Official Trailer:

Final Conclusion:
Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply is a continuation of the fun puzzle-platformer in which you try and wake up the protagonist. Although this expansion has almost four times less content than the original, the levels seem bigger and more thought-provoking than some of the ones we have seen previously. Other than one of the bonus levels, all the solutions and puzzles presented are completely original and nothing like what we’ve seen previously.


The developer has once again shown us how creative and imaginative they can be in regards to coming up with strange and obscure situations – highly recommend to fans of the base game and those looking to engage in a different type of puzzle game.

Even though Suicide Guy is comical and not technically about Suicide, as you are trying to escape your dreams by dying within them – If you are suffering from any form of depression or if you just need someone to talk too then please call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit their website at – They are open 24 hours a day and the number is free – they will talk with you about anything, not just suicidal issues.

A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes

Suicide Guy: Sleepin' Deeply


Final Score


The Good:

  • - Imaginative puzzles and environments
  • - More of the same, if you liked Suicide Guy then you'll like this
  • - The music is nice and jolly
  • - The giant Tamagotchi is both cute and disturbing
  • - Easy Platinum

The Bad:

  • - A lot less content in comparison to the original game
  • - No tutorial or in-game help for new people to the game, other than a controls screen
  • - You can punch and burp yet nothing requires you to do this
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