Psychotic Adventures Origins: Agatha Knife & MechaNika (Physical Release)

A while ago I played and reviewed a dark, disturbing, and incredibly amusing point-and-click game called Agatha Knife. Not long after, the prequel to the game, MechaNika, was also released on consoles – so I had the chance to also play and review that game. However, both of these games were digital-only, something which First Press Games are going to rectify when pre-orders open today for Psychotic Adventures Origins

The physical collection has both games included (in their entirety) on a single disc or cartridge – based on your console of choice (PS4 or Nintendo Switch)

If you wish to read our in-depth reviews on both games, you can read our Agatha Knife review HERE and our MechaNika review HERE.
Psychotic Adventures Origins 2
So, what do you get when you purchase one of the four editions of the new collection?

The Psychotic Adventures Origins Standard Edition
There is a standard edition for both the PS4 and the Switch which will set you back 32.99€ for PlayStation 4 and 37.99€ for Nintendo Switch – with these being limited to 1200 and 2500 pieces respectively.

They contain:
• Cover with interior art
• Game cartridge with Agatha Knife and MechaNika
• In-depth manual in English
• Quick instruction card

And two exclusive extras:
• Leather-style slipcase
• Silver-colored coin (numbered)
Psychotic Adventures Origins 3
The Psychotic Adventures Origins collector’s edition
This is a bit more expensive at 78.99€ for Playstation 4 and 81.99€ for the Nintendo Switch – these are limited to 500 and 1000 pieces respectively. So, what do you get for the extra expense…


They contain:
• Original Soundtrack of both games on CD
• Awesome Sandro’s tarot card deck
• Two hanger plush dolls (ca. 10 cm)
• Two embroidered patches
• Two “Psychotic Girls” mini-books (10×10 cm)
• Clear files with print extras (DIN A2 poster, alternative boxart, etc.)
• Gold-colored coin (numbered)

So, for the extra money, you’ll get a bunch of exclusive goodies which all look and sound amazing (I’m a massive fan of the games so I’ll have to see if I can grab one!).
v 4
Bonus extra
If like me, you already own the game but you really want to get your hands on the soundtrack (I love collecting video game soundtracks), then you’re in luck – preorders for the CD soundtrack also goes live today at 6pm for 19.99€.

The soundtrack is in a Japanese-syle with an included 12-page booklet. There are 35 tracks and it’s also a limited run at only 250 units being created!

Release date
According to the website, the items are about to go into production and they expect an October release date – just in time for Halloween (seriously, the games are a little messed up and strange, but very entertaining!).

If you want to grab any of these – here is the link to the store page:

Are you going to pick one up and place a pre-order today? Let us know in the comments below. If you’ve not heard of the games before, check out our reviews at the top of the article – they’re spoiler-free but quite detailed.


Don’t forget to check out the Mango Protocol’s website, the developer, here:
and First Press Games’ website here:

Agatha Knife:


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