One Word by POWGI (PS4, PS Vita) Review

Puzzle games are becoming more and more plentiful on the PlayStation store as one developer has brought us a number of their delightful puzzle games over the last twelve months. This developer is Lightwood Games, a small husband and wife indie developer which is run by puzzle fans; creating games for puzzle fans. The extra cherry on top of each of these logic and casual puzzle sundaes is that each of their titles is cross-buy on the PlayStation network, meaning you get two games (and platinums) for the price of one – considering you own both a PS Vita and a PS4.

Today’s puzzle is a spin on one which we’ve seen before from the developer, yet presented in a way I’ve personally not encountered before. Have you ever tried to do a word search and you get to the last word and you just can’t see it anywhere no matter how hard you look? One Word by POWGI is basically that, but without the other words…

One Word by POWGI 2

120 puzzles, each with multiple word searches in them

Lightwood games released Word search by POWGI back in 2018 on PlayStation, after releasing on all Nintendo platforms, and was a great casual game that I and my mother loved playing. It was your typical word search game that presented you with a bunch of words and a grid in which seemingly random letters were placed. It was up to you to locate the words and highlight them in order to proceed and unlock all of the trophies. I’m not being patronising, I’m sure you all know what a word search is, but that’s the gist of it for those who have never done one before. 

One of the major selling points of Word search by POWGI was the fact you got over 300 puzzles to work your way through and, as I mentioned before, access to the game on both the PS Vita and PS4 as part of the cross-buy program. Today I’ve been playing One Word by POWGI, which is most likely self-explanatory! It takes the simple concept of your standard word search yet you only have to find one word… However, unlike a normal word search, where the grid will be randomly populated with all the letters of the alphabet, each grid in One Word by POWGI is only populated by the letters included in your target word – this actually increases its difficulty due to the number of red herrings.


Also, as with most of their previous games on the PS4, up to four people can play at the same time. There isn’t a scoring mechanic in play from what I can see, but it is fun to settle down with a friend or family member and work together as trophies will unlock for all of you. It also means parents can quickly drop in and out if their child needs a bit of help.

One Word by POWGI 1

Can you find it?

Lightwood Games seems to always go above and beyond with each of their games as they try and make their next one bigger and better. I’ve seen similar games to their previous ones come out with more puzzles or modes than the previous ones – One Word by POWGI isn’t any different! Instead of 300 puzzles, we have over 600 to complete this time around! However, I’ve not talked about the rather fun and unique aspect of this game as it doesn’t just give you a single word to find – you must first work out what the word is!

One Word by POWGI basically presents you with a list of real and fictional names and upon selecting one, you’re presented with a quote of theirs. It seems the word goblins have been at these quotes though as a few words will be missing! It’s up to you to either simply know what the missing word is, so you can find it in the grid, or work out what it could possibly be by looking at the letters available within the puzzle. For example, take a look at the image above – That’s a Thomas Edison quote and I have no idea what it could be; looking at the letters in the grid, I imagine the word is ‘IMAGINATION’. So, time to find the word within the grid, select it and then move onto the next word – which will be a new grid and letters. Not all grids are that big either, I’ve seen them as small as 5×5.

If you get really stuck and can’t work out what the word is supposed to be, don’t fret! As with all Lightwood Games‘ games, they have incorporated a simple hint mechanic which is basically a “tell me the answer!!!” button. Tap L1 and R1 and the word you need to look for will appear to the left – you still have to search for it on your own though, it won’t do everything for you!

One Word by POWGI 3

The game’s unhappy I used the hint system 🙁

And that’s basically it. Pick a name, work out or ‘reveal’ the word you need to find, find the word, continue through the quote, move onto the next one. This type of puzzle I would class as a more casual one, rather than a logic one like some of their others, as such hardcore puzzle fans may find it a bit easy. Although, with over 600 puzzles to work through, you’ll certainly be working through them for a very long time! However, regardless of the number of puzzles, One Word by POWGI is the easiest platinum out of the entire Lightwood Games catalogue so far. This is because you only have to complete certain puzzles in order to unlock the trophies and then unlock the shiny platinum. 

The music is once again very calm and jolly as you play through the various puzzles. You can also turn the music off if you find it too repetitive or you want to work on these whilst doing something else at the same time; I found it incredibly easy to work my way through these on the PS Vita (with touchscreen support) as I watched TV. However, I’m more of a fan of logic puzzles and those which require me to think about things in order to solve them, so once I’d obtained the platinum I didn’t go back to complete the rest of the puzzles.

My mother used to buy Take a Break here in the UK all the time, a weekly(?) magazine which you can buy that’s full of puzzles. Instead of that, I gave her my Vita which was loaded with Lightwood Games‘ games for her to play when she got bored at home or work. Needless to say, when I finally got it back, literally every puzzle in this game had been completed! So, if you’re into more casual puzzles which don’t require a lot of logic like Picross and Sudoku, then I’d highly recommend you give One Word by POWGI and Word Search by POWGI a shot.

Official Trailer/preview:

Final Conclusion:
Lightwood Games likes to take classic puzzle formats and switch them around, One Word by POWGI is a perfect example. Instead of looking for a group of words within a grid of letters, you must decipher a quote or phrase and then find a single missing word within a jumbled up grid made up of only that words letters. As this is the case, and it isn’t going to have random X, Y and Z’s in there (unless the word contains those), it actually makes it a little bit more tricky to solve. Also, up to four people can join in at the same time and unlock trophies together.

If you’re in it for the platinum then you’ll get two per purchase, with its cross-buy functionality, as well as a nice easy road to victory. If you’re in it for the puzzles, you have over 600 words to work out and find – plenty to keep you busy until their next game!


If you enjoy puzzle games, why not check out my reviews for Lightwood Games’ previous games on the PS4 and PS Vita here: Pic-a-Pix Color, Fill-A-Pix: Phil’s Epic Adventure, Word Search by POWGIWord Sudoku by POWGI, and Pic-a-Pix Pieces.

A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes

One Word by POWGI


Final Score


The Good:

  • - Over 600 puzzles to work through!
  • - Up to four player drop in/out and everyone unlocks trophies
  • - Easy platinum; Easiest of all Lightwood Games' Games
  • - Pleasant music
  • - Interesting take on the word search puzzle

The Bad:

  • - Very casual gameplay (my preference is logic puzzles)
  • - Can get a bit repetitive if played in long bouts
  • - Platinum requirements means you don't have to finish the game (pet peeve of mine)
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