Frost (Switch) Video Review

Frost is a deck-building, solo survival card game set on a harsh, frozen world ravaged by a lethal storm. You must lead a group of nomads in search of the Refuge – a haven away from Frost’s icy grip. As well as the unrelenting threat of the Frost, your arduous trek will be fraught with many other dangers, such as wolves, cannibals, hunger and fatigue.

Manage your cards wisely to stay alive and make it all the way to the Refuge.

Frost 1
Hey guys, Amy (@Zweshock) is back with another great video review for us, this time it’s for the rather brutal card-based game, Frost. Amy’s reviewed the game on the Switch but the actual content and features of the game are identical across all platforms, other than the touchscreen obviously, so if you play either the PS4, Xbox One, Switch or PC, you can pick up the game on your platform of choice on the following dates: PS4 (NA): 17th July, PS4 (EU): 18th July, Nintendo Switch: 19th July, Xbox One: 20th July.

Here’s Amy’s review:

A little more info on the game:
Key features
• Challenging survival deck-building gameplay, requiring anticipation, strategy and memory
• Dozens of cards to discover – card types include resources, weapons, ideas, dangers and regions
• An intriguing and immersive world
• Beautiful hand-drawn artwork
• Hours of gameplay with difficulty modes, endless mode, scenarios and new cards to unlock
• Encounter many different characters and make use of their abilities
• Platinum Trophy and 1000G Achievements available respectively for PS4 and Xbox One versions

Final Conclusion:
Frost is a turn-based card game in which each draw of the cards could literally be life or death for your character. As with any strategic game, I would highly recommend you choose to go through the tutorial and take in everything it says beforehand; otherwise, your enjoyment will be severely affected. Overall though, Frost offered me a challenge that you don’t see very often on the Switch and it kept me hooked for hours upon hours as I furiously played the game to try and make it through alive! If you have a Switch (or any other console as it’s on them all) and you like survival games but you want something different and something which isn’t about Zombies, pick up Frost today.

A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes



Final Score

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