Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction (PC) Review | Censored Edition

Mothers and Fathers, lock up your daughters because Richard La Ruina is back on the prowl in his search for love, or at least a one-night stand, in the spectacularly silly Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction! This is the final game in the Super Seducer franchise, taking on board all the feedback they’ve received from the critics and basically throwing it out of the window – this is a game for the fans, tailored around what they wanted to see and experience. However, this does mean that certain things I loved about the second game are now gone, but there are a lot of enhancements and features which makes this ‘technically’ the best game so far.

We were given the ‘Censored Edition’ of the game to play and review, as it’s safe to stream (which we did the other day, HERE and HERE), but there was meant to be an uncensored version alongside it. For reasons I’ll get into next, the game never actually launched on Steam, leaving the game in limbo for everyone except the very few people who were able to get a key for review and streaming – which we were one of.

However, from what I’ve heard, the game ‘should’ be going on sale later on today (or this week), so you’ll be able to pick it up and experience the thrilling conclusion of the pick-up saga for yourself, only not on Steam, or GoG, or the Epic Games Store, or PSN, or the eShop, or Xbox Live, or Origin, or Blizzard, or Uplay, or Stadia, or… I think you get the idea!

**Update – the game is out now, exclusively on GamesPlanet. You get both the Censored and Uncensored version, plus its DRM-Free. You can grab it HERE.**

Super Seducer 3 1

He was knocked down, but he got back up!

Stupid stubborn senseless Steam 
I’m sure you’ve all heard the news surrounding this game, if not, allow me to briefly sum it up for you. Super Seducer 3 appeared on Steam back in 2018, when I published my review of Super Seducer 2, allowing you to wishlist it with an expected release date of 2019. The game was delayed a few times, with a release date of February 2021 set a few weeks prior – everything was looking great. Richard released a demo and within a few hours, Steam had pulled it with no warning.


Thus begins the long back and forth between Richard and Steam support…

From what I gather, by reading the updates and comments on Twitter, Steam wasn’t happy with the game in its current state – even the Censored Edition – as they had issues with certain scenes due to the game being an FMV interactive experience (if it was animated then there probably wouldn’t have been any issues at all). So, because the team had put a lot of time and money into this game, they went and edited the content to try and adapt to the vague feedback they got from Steam. This version was also shunned by the support, leaving Richard and the team confused as to what to do next.

This seems to have repeated itself two or three times until Steam blatantly stated that they won’t allow the game on the store in any format, no matter how much they change. The store page was removed, over 60k wishlists were gone, thousands of potential sales were lost, and within just a few days, Steam had basically blocked Richard from getting back any of the money he spent in creating the game. In a way, this is exactly what GoG did with Red Candle Games last month when they were about to release Devotion on their platform.

So, did Richard throw in the towel, eat his losses, and get very drunk? Nope (although, he may have had a few drinks). He seems to be doing exactly what Red Candle Games did, he’s going to be selling the game directly via his website ( It’s not there yet, but I believe it will be soon. **Update, it’s on sale via GamesPlanet – see the link above** As such, if you pick up the game, be sure to tell everyone about it by either Tweeting, sharing this review, talking about it on social media, and supporting him as much as you can – he didn’t deserve all this bullshit. 

Super Seducer 3 2

A great conversation to get her in the mood for love!

Okay, that’s the background and the reason why you can’t find the game on Steam – luckily our version from before it was removed still works fine. Now, let’s get on with the review…


Super Seducer 3 is an interactive FMV seduction game, offering advice and criticism based upon the choices you make in your quest for love sex. The game is made up of eight chapters, ten if you have the uncensored version, yet it’s only technically five scenarios as three of them are split into two parts due to how long they are. This is the first major change from the previous games, the scenarios are much longer and detailed, with a number of alternative endings and surprising pathways to go down.

Unlike the previous games, you actually have to ‘pass’ each seduction in order to move on. So, if you finish a stage yet picked too many wrong answers and ended up being friend-zoned or walked out on, then you’ll have to replay the stage and change the answers you gave. However, if you simply made it to the end but obtained an Average Joe award, because you weren’t too bad, then you can progress but there’s no sexy time for you!

So, what do you do in Super Seducer 3? Simple, you’re trying to seduce the woman in the scene – by any means possible. You’ll regularly be given a set of dialogue options which will be either ‘Good’, ‘Okay’ or ‘Bad’, in relation to the situation. Depending on what you pick, Richard will sometimes explain why the choice was right or wrong, and you’ll get to see the over-the-top outcome of picking the silly options (which you’ll end up doing, every time!).

Super Seducer 3 3

This really surprised me, I wasn’t expecting a detailed flowchart.

New features
The major new feature, which I thought was implimented beautifully, is the timeline you get to see once you’ve finished a scene. You’re shown a flowchart that looks like it’s come right out of a Japanese Visual Novel or the software which developers use to map out the choices you can make within these games – it basically looks like Detroit Become Human’s flow chart. Based on what answers you gave, it shows all the questions, answers, whether they were red, orange, or green, what path you took, and it also lets you see where the game deviates down another route – without spoiling the questions and answers you’ve not yet seen or picked.


The first time I saw this I was quite amazed, the layout and detail are much more than I was expecting, with the only negative being you can’t simply jump into the level at any point by clicking the question, you have to replay it should you wish to see the other answers.

The game also has some unexpected moments within it, some actual mini-games that catch you unaware. There are QTEs that require you to mimic the prompts on your keyboard and even a ‘Whac-a-Male’ game in which you smack the men but avoid the women and hedgehogs… yeah, I’ll leave that hanging there. The QTEs pop up every now and again, resulting in the subsequent video changing based on if you were successful or not. The one I recall vividly was when Richard was cooking, I messed it up and he started mixing the ingredients like a child, spilling them all over the place whilst the girl we brought home was just staring at us in disgust.

I’m not sure if Super Seducer 2 had this, but picking certain options results in your personality and knowledge changing, affecting the rest of the scenario. For example, if you say you know about wine and then pick the wrong option for your meal, it’ll display an indicator as a Telltale game does, then bring it back up later on that you don’t know about wine. From a technical standpoint, this is a brilliant interactive FMV game, combining many different features and mechanics seamlessly. 

If you simply want to watch the scene act out, without picking choices – once you’ve completed it, you have the option to enable Movie Mode. This does what you’d expect, the game literally plays out all the best possible options as a mini-move, allowing you to sit back and just watch the events unfold.

Super Seducer 3 4

Just to be sure, let’s blur out all the pretty ladies so Twitch doesn’t moan!

Removed concepts
One of the things I loved about Super Seducer 2 was the diversity of the cast. By that, I don’t mean black, white, Chinese, or Scottish, I simply mean the fact you got to seduce people from the perspective of different characters in each episode. However, in Super Seducer 3, every scene is from the PoV of Richard trying to pull a woman (with a little male action in one of the scenes). Don’t get me wrong, Richard is the star of the show, with his creepy facial expressions, insane comments, and pure comedic aura, but I really missed the Asian guy, and Mahmood, as they were brilliant in the last game.

Also, because Richard wanted to go back to a similar style from the first game, the feedback videos consist of him surrounded by a bunch of women who have just watched The Ring VHS and can’t be captured on film… I mean, a bunch of women in underwear who have been overly censored with blurry shapes so Twitch doesn’t complain about semi-naked models (even though some female streamers wear less than these girls and get away with it). Again, I miss the back and forth Richard had with the female host in Super Seducer 2, and especially the big burly men who either beat him up or made Richard their slave, based on what type of answer you gave.

Did the omission of these aspects ruin my enjoyment? Not really. The game was just as fun as the previous ones and, due to the censorship in place in the feedback segments, I couldn’t make out what was happening half the time anyway! However, I hope we get our hands on the uncensored version at some point as I really want to see the celebrations you get for completing a stage without it looking like I’ve rubbed my eyes with vaseline.

Super Seducer 3 5

Off to the Wank Cloth Cupboard for me!

As stated above, once you complete a stage you get to see the flowchart, indicating where the path could have deviated and led to new questions and experiences. So, instead of moving on to the next stage, you may want to replay the same one and pick new options. In Super Seducer 3, you have a few new options which unlock once you’ve made it to an ending within a stage, these are:


Serious Mode: This highlights all of the silly, and wrong, answers automatically, so you know which are right. This is good if you failed but are trying to actually get in the girl’s panties on the second playthrough – but, it only shows which are right, not which is the best answer (green), so you still have to think about it. 
Disable Feedback Videos: If you’re just wanting to play through it with no interruptions, you can turn off the interim videos where Richard tells you if you made a good or bad choice.
Pressure Mode: This adds a timer to the game, forcing you to make decisions quickly – I would have actually liked this to be an option without having completed the stage first. 
Disable the UI Feedback: This disables the game from telling you when you messed up, such as when you lacked knowledge or lost their trust. This is another option that I feel should be there before completing the stage as once you’ve played it, you’ll know which options affect your standing with the girls.
Disable Special Events: This simply turns off QTEs and the Whac-a-Male game.

Also, without giving too much away, one of the scenarios takes choices made in the first part and uses those to affect the second part. So, if you pick silly answers and ask an NPC to do specific things, they’ll actually do those whilst you’re trying to woo the female, resulting in some rather hilarious antics. That alone had me replaying both parts to see how the narrative and events change. 

Super Seducer 3 6

Heeeeere’s Richard…

The video quality
I thought the cinematography in the second game was really good, every scene was professionally shot and looked fantastic in terms of the actual quality. Super Seducer 3 is also a brilliantly shot production, for the most part. I did notice, in some of the final scenes, that there were a few angles that were either digitally zoomed-in or shot with a lower quality camera – maybe from the phone of the woman who’s in the background in a few scenarios with her phone held up like she’s recording?

In terms of the actors, I believe most, or all of them are popular personalities off Twitch and Instagram, with models providing the eye-candy in the background. I only know this because in my first stream someone was pointing out who they were. Looking at the credits, the supporting cast are Maria Buchen, Emma (@Kandyland), Denise (@ZeCookiess), Caroline Selez, Elizabeth Morozova, Elias (@Nymn), and Anastasia Shishkina. Angelina Kuchuk and Elizabeth Lyskovec are the two women in the girl-on-girl scene which isn’t in the version I have. Oh, and Sonic the Hedgehog…


Everyone looks great in the game, the camera clearly loves them all. The acting is as you’d expect – Richard was very goofy and silly, yet he was still able to hold a straight face despite the crazy dialogue at times. But, some of the women who are new to this simply couldn’t hold back from laughing. This isn’t a negative – this is a silly game and not a serious documentary – but it was a little immersion breaking when you’re being blatantly sexist and misogynistic to a woman (for the lols) but she’s laughing as she grabs her bag and walks off. If I was her, I’d have smacked him and kicked him in the nuts!

I think we have to talk about that in a little more detail…

The content of the game
I went into Super Seducer 3 knowing what to expect – a ‘no shits given’ funny FMV game which will probably contain sexist, misogynistic, racist, and offensive dialogue and actions. As such, when these things happened, I wasn’t offended or shocked – well, maybe I was shocked a few times. However, the team aren’t purposely trying to offend anyone, the game does offer actual advice and tips on the ‘correct’ dialogue options, but the red ones are there as comic relief – not to be taken seriously or dwelled upon.

For example, walking into a female changing room and saying you identify as a woman, just so you can sit there and watch them undress, clearly isn’t the correct option, neither is asking if your date has been molested by a relative or saying you’ve dreamt of having a threesome since you were a baby. There were a few options blanked out in the Censored Edition, such as saying you like young girls and you snort cocaine, but there are still a number of responses you can give that sensitive people may find offensive – as they did with the previous games.

On top of those two dialogue options, there are two scenes completely missing from the Censored Edition, “Sexy girls teach sex” and “The Inner Game”. These were removed from this version (literally no video files in the installation folder) because I imagine the entire scenario would be blurred if they weren’t. That being said, I was surprised to see that some of the scenes contain semi-naked women and a camera that is fixated on focusing on cleavage, yet they are all unblurred in the main game – yet similar scenes in the feedback segments are censored. It was rather strange, but I’m not complaining.

Super Seducer 3 8

I always take my date’s Uplay ID, don’t you?

Is Super Seducer super serious?
Yes and no. As advised above, Richard does chime in with the reasons behind why certain things are good to say and do, and why others are okay but probably won’t ‘work’ if you’re looking for a partner post-lockdown. These clips can also be viewed in the Advice Book upon seeing them in the game, so you can refer back to them if you wish to take his advice seriously. The red options and the silly choices – like shooting the guy a girl is with so she has to hang out with you, are clearly there for entertainment and shouldn’t be replicated – ever.

I’d say, don’t go into the Super Seducer games with the intention of learning how to seduce women (or men, if you’re playing the second game), you’ll probably pick up some tips and suggestions that’ll stick in your mind, but for the most part, the game is purely for fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

The only issue I have with certain scenes and dialogue, which is probably what Steam had issues with, is because of certain events that have happened recently in real life. A lot of the actions within the game could be seen as being sexist, harassing, and forcing yourself upon the females, basically how people used to act when we were allowed out of our house and looking for a partner. This goes both ways as, in real life, women do the same things Richard does in this game, but as the focus is on the Male protagonist, you only see him make the first move.

What am I on about? Grabbing their hand and having them touch a dildo or your cock, yanking on their ears so you can kiss them, groping them as soon as they enter your house, threatening them with a knife until they take their dress off, and drugging the girl so she’s easier to get back to your house. Again, it’s a game and not real, but due to recent events, people may see the game in a different light. All I’m saying is, go into it knowing it’s all highly exaggerated and not representative of Richard actually telling you to do these things – most of the time he’ll tell you off for picking certain options!


Official Trailer:

Final Conclusion:
Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction is much more advanced and in-depth than the previous games in the series, with longer scenes, new mechanics, and a comprehensive flowchart. Although the diverse and varied super seducers are gone, Richard makes up for this with his creepy humour and childish behaviour, making every seduction a hilarious encounter with dialogue choices you’d never have imagined. The mix of serious and bizarre outcomes allows you to pick up some tips yet easily distinguish what is ‘right’ and what is clearly an exaggerated joke and shouldn’t be copied by anyone. If you liked the previous games, you’re going to love this final FMV seduction-based adventure

As stated above, the game does cover things that certain people will find offensive, racist, sexist, and misogynistic. If you’re one of those who are sensitive to these, and can’t see that the game is purely for entertainment purposes, you shouldn’t play this game. It’ll make you very angry and triggered.

On a side note, a common theme within Super Seducer 3 is Richard talking about Horror Seducer. I asked on Twitter if this was real – pre-Steam having a tantrum – and I was advised it was. However, based on Richard’s website, it appears the game is no longer a possibility as they don’t want to go through all this hassle again. What I say, if he reads this, is we (the entire fanbase of the Super Seducer games) really hope he’s able to make a profit off Super Seducer 3 and eventually create the horror game he wants to do.

If it’s an FMV choice-based horror game, and not trying to pick up women (although I imagine that’s probably in there), then I’m sure he’ll have more luck finding a publisher with that concept **cough**Wales Interactive**cough**


A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes

Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction


Final Score


The Good:

  • - As an FMV choice-based game, it's really well put together
  • - The interactions are just as silly as in the previous games
  • - You can watch the scene like a mini-movie upon completion, or replay with a number of tweaks
  • - Richard is really funny
  • - The production quality is top-notch

The Bad:

  • - Some options didn't have a video response, but that could be because this is a pre-release version?
  • - Some people, not me, will take offense at the content included. Don't play this if you're easily triggered
  • - I wish there were a few more scenarios and the return of multiple protagonists
  • - Not against this game, but due to the incident with Steam, we may never see Horror Seducer!
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