Super Seducer 2: Advanced Seduction Tactics (PC) Review

The original Super Seducer was released earlier this year to less than popular critic reviews, to put it nicely. Releasing shortly after the #MeToo stance on social media and around the time Harvey Weinstein was being called out left, right and centre, the media were quick to jump on Richard La Ruina and brand his game a potential ‘predator creator’. However, those of us who played the game with an open mind and saw it for what it is, a comedic FMV adventure game in which you try and ‘pull’ the girls in many outrageous ways, had an absolute blast with it!

Richard is back with his company, RLR Training, and publisher Red Dahlia Interactive with Super Seducer 2: Advanced Seduction Tactics. This time around the team had a bigger budget and it really shows! Not only are all of the encounters longer, more interesting and completely different, but we also have different ethnicities, branching storylines, hilarious writing, clever nods at those who trash-talked the original, and even a Scottish guy! Leave your SJW and easily offended nature at the door as this is easily one of the funniest and well thought out games I’ve played on PC all year!

Super Seducer 2 1

It’s a comedy game – don’t get your knickers in a twist with the outrageous options you have!

I’m sure you have all heard about Super Seducer earlier this year when every single media outlet was bashing it before it even came out just by watching the trailer and making silly presumptions. If not, It’s an FMV adventure game in which you must ultimately ‘get with the girl’ by any means possible. Now, don’t take that out of context, it was always done in a professional way with Richard himself offering tips here and there as to when to use certain lines and what you shouldn’t be doing or saying. For example, at one point you literally creep up behind a couple on a couch in a club and poke your head up behind it as you stare at them for a few minutes. Clearly, that’s meant to be taken as a joke, yet many media outlets acted as if the ‘game’ was the spawn of satan!

One of the biggest complaints with the original game was the lack of a female perspective. Richard would say things like “It’s okay to do this because women love it”, yet people strongly disagreed and claimed the advice given was one-sided. This time, we have both a male and female perspective for each outcome where they both have a bit of banter between scenes about if the opposite sex does actually like certain things being said/done to them. This time around we also have people other than Richard trying to pull including both male and female protagonists, with each of the ten stories delivering up to five possible endings – both good and bad! 

Seriously, if you skipped the original Super Seducer due to the media and your biased pre-conception on what you thought the game was – don’t make the same mistake with Super Seducer 2. It’s bigger, bolder, sexier, and more hilarious than it’s predecessor!

Super Seducer 2 2

Ahhh Fortnite – the reason behind 5% of UK divorces (fact).

Super Seducer 2 plays out like a ‘choose your own adventure’ FMV game. There is very little interaction but tonnes of enjoyment. Each ‘scene’ is basically a video of Richard, or one of the other protagonists, talking to either their potential love interest or their friend. All you do is pick a response when the opportunity presents itself via the on-screen selections with the mouse, keyboard or controller. What proceeds are some of the funniest videos you’ll ever see! From Richard telling a hot woman that if she doesn’t have sex with him, he will cut up her loved ones and post them back to her, to a female protagonist asking a guy in a bar how many people has he slept with because she has just got rid of her STD and doesn’t want another! It’s over the top and truly a ‘laugh out loud’ situation. Just don’t play it with your parents!

Another thing that is super interesting about Super Seducer 2 is the branching storylines I mentioned before. At one point, in the first chapter, you have the option to either continue talking to the woman you’re sat with or get up and talk to a model who’s just pulled up in a car. It’s a moment where you think to yourself ‘where is this going? If I pick the option to talk to the other woman, will I get a bad ending?’ But, before you know it, Richard is running in the background after the car which has driven off, thus ending your time with woman X as you move onto women Y.

Super Seducer 2 3

When has this NEVER worked?!?!

Sexy Situations?
Super Seducer 2 is only going to keep you interested for about half an hour and then you’ll get bored of all the repetitive choices and video clips… Is not something I would even dream of saying when talking about this game! Every single scene brings something new and exciting into the mix, things which keep you glued to your PC monitor as you try and fathom what’s going to happen next. As part of the preview, we only had access to the first three scenes, an outdoor lunch event, helping your Chinese tutor pick up a girl, and the secretary in the office. The other seven scenarios are due to unlock either today or later this week as a free update to the game. However, I’ve seen the video files for a few of the other scenarios and they’re just as crazy as the first three!

Again, you need to play this game with an open mind and don’t get upset or offended at any of the options you choose – it’s a comedic FMV adventure game, a comedy game that is freaking hilarious! Why not beckon over a woman by pretending your finger is your penis by shoving it through your trousers, knock out a woman when play-fighting to show her how manly you are, talk about Fortnite and bore the shit out of a woman you’ve just met, or how about jerking off whilst talking to your secretary on the intercom? Seriously, you’ll be drawn to all of the outrageous and silly answers just because you want to see what crazy video Richard and his team have put together!

Super Seducer 2 4

I wonder if this will work?

Perfect Protagonists:
Super Seducer 2 has taken all the feedback and criticisms from the first game and used them to its advantage in order to put out a more diverse and cultural video game that everyone can enjoy. If you don’t want to play the sleazy boss trying to hit on his secretary by having her bend over and look at her butt, then why not play the overweight Mahmoud who’s on a date and trying to work his magic without looking like a super-model (like 99.9% of the people playing the game). If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then there is a very energetic Scotsman who seems very confident in his actions and even fancies himself a bit of a stand-up artist.

On the flip side, we also have access to a female protagonist – something for the ladies. Play as the sexy woman with her friend at the bar who’s trying to chat up a nearby guy via some ‘questionable’ methods, or maybe play as her on the dancefloor as various guys approach her. As with the above two protagonists, these missions are locked but I’ve seen a few clips and I can’t wait until their chapter unlocks so I can experience them in full. At points, the female star reminds me of Rik Mayall with her facial actions and the attitude she pulls off whilst trying to pull the guys – it’s both amusing and almost cringey at the same time (in a good way).

Super Seducer 2 5

Someone’s been watching the I.T. Crowd!

Technical (Quality):
In terms of production quality, Richard and his team have gone above and beyond with Super Seducer 2. Everything feels so much bigger and it all flows together much smoother than it did in the original game. The actors are all great, sure, some of them have a thick accent (including the Scottish guy), but they are all easy to understand and perform their roles perfectly, albeit a few sniggers here and there which I honestly don’t blame them for! I would be in hysterics watching this being filmed as well. The video quality is also presented very well – all the videos are 1080p which is why the game files are around 13GB in size. 

The sound design is also top-notch in Super Seducer 2. All the voices are super clear to make out and even though various actors have accents, you can still understand them all. The one big issue here is the lack of subtitles. I know the majority of people playing the game will be able to hear just fine, but there will be those out there with hearing difficulties or who can’t understand the various characters. For those, subtitles would be perfect. The Steam Page does state there are subtitles in the game, so maybe the version I have doesn’t have them yet.  I’ve been advised that the retail version, which is due to go live very soon, has multiple languages, subtitles and some bonus features not present in my version.

Super Seducer 2 6

doesn’t your boss do this whenever you give him a bad idea?

Overall opinion:
Super Seducer 2 is by far the most entertaining PC game I’ve played so far this year. Literally, everything within the game is better than it’s predecessor – from the multiple protagonists, separate branches in the story, nods to all the haters of the first game, relatable people for the common folk, and the sheer amount of different choices and endings, Super Seducer 2 will keep you entertained for hours! I have spent about four or five hours in the game so far and about two hours looking at the videos for the other chapters (sorry, I couldn’t wait), and that’s only touching on three out of the ten chapters. I also only managed to get around 48% in each playthrough – so I have many more clips and paths I’ve not yet discovered within these initial experiences.

I’m eagerly awaiting the full game to unlock, just as much as people on the Steam Forums await the ability to purchase the game. As I mentioned earlier though, if you’re easily offended, are an active SJW, have no sense of humour, or love to hate things – maybe give this game a miss as it’s been created purely for comedic purposes and if you can’t see that then I’m afraid you’re part of the problem, not the team who have put together a very entertaining product for us all to enjoy. 

Also, if you’ve not already heard – Super Seducer 3 was announced two days before the launch of Super Seducer 2. Any feedback you have regarding number 2 will be used to mould what appears in the third game in the series (it feels like FNaF all over again!). You can wishlist Super Seducer 3 here:

Official Trailer:

Final Conclusion:
Super Seducer 2: Advanced Seduction Tactics is a great example of how to take on feedback and turn it into constructive criticism in order to create a better game. Like the Pheonix rising from the ashes, Super Seducer 2 rises from its critically panned predecessor as a game that is improved and enhanced in every way. No longer will you pick the choices for one supermodel trying to get into the pants of another, there is a diverse selection of race, personality, appearance and gender in this over the top and crazy sequel.

I can’t stress how crazy this game gets at times and how creative the writers are – just remember not to try the majority of these things in real life as some of them can land you in a lot of trouble!

If anything major is added in the final version, I’ll come back and update my review. As of right now, I can only access chapters 1-3 and the videos of a few of the other chapters.

Here’s some bonus ‘clips’:


A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes

Super Seducer 2 : Advanced Seduction Tactics


Final Score


The Good:

  • - The writing is perfect - it has the right balance of comedy combined with some decent tips
  • - Diversity = good. Different races, genders, personalities and even a bonus chapter which is all in Mandarin!
  • - The acting is great. Sure, some actors break out of character and laugh, but you'll be laughing so much that you wont even notice
  • - Each chapter will take you around 40-60 minutes to complete a single playthrough of - multiple playthroughs are advised to see everything
  • - Richard and the team have used all the criticism of their original game and used that to benefit this sequel

The Bad:

  • - I have to wait six months to play Super Seducer 3!
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5 years ago

is that sarcasm? how is anything in this “game” fun? holy shit.

5 years ago
Reply to  sk0pe

Different things entertain different people. Richard clearly released a comedy FMV game – sure, some of the options are over the top and very, very silly – but it’s all done for fun and as entertainment. Any seriously bad option is followed up by them explaining not to do what they just did – although if you actually need to be told that, then maybe you shouldn’t be playing the game?