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Moss Fi3

Moss (PSVR) Review

When we were kids, we used to love reading storybooks and having them read to us as we dozed off to sleep. Moss, from the amazing team at Polyarc, captures the magic of hearing a fairytale and mixes it with ...
Konrad The Kitten Fi3

Konrad the Kitten (PSVR) Review

There are certain genres which have moved through the times with us from 2D to 3D and even into Virtual reality, the FPS, Simulation, Puzzle games, and even 3rd person side-scrolling games. However, there is one genre, which was extremely popular ...
Apex Construct Fi3

Apex Construct (PSVR) Review

I heard about Apex Construct a few weeks ago and instantly became interested when I found out that ex-DICE employees are behind it as I love my PSVR but other than a few amazing titles (a few on the way ...
The Inpatient Fi3

The Inpatient (PSVR) Review

I’m not a fan of jumpscares. In fact, I hate them. They are the cheapest way to portray ‘horror’ and should only be used as a last resort if the atmosphere and tension aren’t working. So, imagine my delight when ...
Cold Iron Fi3

Cold Iron (PSVR) Review

Cold Iron is a first as far as I’m aware as it combines VR with a Puzzle game and a shooter – something I personally haven’t seen before and developed by Catch & Release who is an independent game studio which was ...
VR The Diner Duo Fi3

VR the Diner Duo (PSVR) Review

What games did you play with your family over Christmas? Charades? Monopoly? Maybe even it’s Quiz Time? I went to my parents and we played all of the above plus one more which took centre stage for a few reasons, ...
Raw Data Fi3

Raw Data (PSVR) Review

I only purchased one piece of new tech in 2017 which is strange as I usually jump on all new devices as soon as they become available. However, the new tech I bought was something I had owned once before, ...
Doom VFR Fi3

Doom VFR (PSVR) Review

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people have been on the fence about VR over the last 12 months, is it worth investing into a VR headset device or are there only ‘experiences’ available for it? ...
Shooty Fruity Fi3

Shooty Fruity (PSVR) Review

If you have ever worked in a supermarket on either the checkout or packing duties then you have most likely drifted off into your own fantasy world at some point. The monotonous task of scanning item after item, or placing ...
PixelJunk's Dead Hungry Fi3

PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry (PSVR) Review

I’ve played a lot of games over the years, seen many movies and one thing always stuck out – zombies, why are they always trying to eat brains? What’s their reasoning? I wouldn’t find it very appetising, so why would ...
Kobuto Burst Battle Fi3

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle (PS4, PSVR) Review

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, what would happen if you took a bullet-hell game (a side-scrolling shooter with non-stop bullets coming towards you) and a cute anime fighter then merged the two together and cranked the difficulty up to ...
The Invisible Hours Fi3

The Invisible Hours (PSVR and PS4) Review

This is not a game. This is not a Movie. This is a piece of immersive theatre with many tangled threads. Explore the story to untangle the truth. But remember: “Truth is a matter of perspective”. The Invisible Hours is ...
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