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The Coma 2 Fi3

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters (PC) Review

After having previously played The Coma: Recut, I was already impressed at the premise and setting the developers had created. There’s nothing creepier than walking through the dark halls of your once familiar school without being able to exit. To ...
Two Point Hospital Fi3

Two Point Hospital (PS4) Review

Bullfrog Productions were one of my favourite developers when I was a kid, they turned me onto simulation and management games, genres which I’m a massive fan of to this day. Whether I was a Dungeon Keeper setting traps for ...
Draugen PS4 Fi3

Draugen (PS4) Review

Not too long ago I reviewed Draugen on Steam (HERE), an interactive narrative-heavy adventure game which perfectly sucks you into the beautiful visuals and relaxing atmosphere of the isolated town of Graavik in Norway. However, due to the age of ...

Arc of Alchemist (PS4) Review

Up until getting my hands on Arc of Alchemist, I had no idea what the game was about or going to play like. Idea Factory and Compile Hearts don’t tend to stick to a single genre or gameplay style, they ...
Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo Fi3

Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo (PS4) Review

Does anyone remember the 1979 arcade classic, Asteroids? It’s a simple game in which you move a spaceship around and shoot various blobs (asteroids) as they come flying in from all sides, splitting into smaller pieces as you blast them ...
39 Days To Mars Fi3

39 Days to Mars (PS4) Review

39 Days to Mars is a game that I’d not heard of until a few weeks ago, despite originally launching back in April 2018 on the PC after a successful Kickstarter in 2014. It’s a co-operative enforced game that lets ...
Glass Masquerade 2 Fi3

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions (PS4) Review

It’s finally here, the sequel to one of my favourite, most relaxing puzzles games of 2019, Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions. It was almost exactly a year ago (6th Feb 2019) which I reviewed the original Glass Masquerade, a game which ...
Spaceland PS4 Fi3

Spaceland (PS4) Review

Back in March 2019 I played and reviewed The Braveland Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch, a simplified Heroes of Might and Magic-like game from developer Tortuga Team. Later that year the developers released Spaceland, their simplified Xcom-like game on Apple ...
Zombie Army 4 Fi3

Zombie Army 4: Dead War (PS4) Review

There are two things in life which people love to shoot the hell out of (in video games), Zombies and the Nazis. Rebellion has provided an answer to this strangely satisfying urge for a while now through their Zombie Army ...
Journey To The Savage Planet Fi3

Journey to the Savage Planet (PS4) Review

Does anyone remember No Man’s Sky? The overly ambitious game which launched to negative reviews due to under-delivering on almost every promise it made during development (until it was revamped around 2-3 years later)? Well, imagine that game, only with ...
Shenmue III Fi3

Shenmue III [3] (PS4) Review

I’ve backed three games so far via the popular crowd-funding website, Kickstarter; Yogventures, Summer in Mara and Shenmue III. The first game never came out, with speculation that the Yogscast kept a large sum of the money and the lead ...
Stranger Things 3 Fi3

Stranger Things 3: The Game (PS4) Review

When I was younger, pretty much every successful film and TV show had its own video game based on the franchise. We saw this a lot last generation, with all of the Disney tie-ins and the beginning of Telltale Games’ ...
Close To The Sun PS4 Fi3

Close to the Sun (PS4) Review

I’ve previously played and reviewed the Epic Games Store version of Close to the Sun upon launch, a review you can find HERE. However, due to my PC not being the greatest, resulting in a few technical issues on my ...
Sherlock Holmes Crimes And Punishments Fi3

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments REDUX (PS4) Review

Frogwares are well known for their fun and immersive Sherlock Holmes games and most recently their brilliant new IP, The Sinking City. As a fan of both Sherlock Holmes in general and interactive adventure games, I’ve bought, played and completed ...
Jurassic World Return To Jurassic Park Fi3

Return to Jurassic Park [Jurassic World Evolution] (PS4) Review

Back in September 2018, I reviewed Jurassic Park Evolution on the PS4 over on my friend’s website,, which you can read HERE. Ultimately I loved the gameplay mechanics including incubating and breeding your own dinosaurs, riding around as a ...
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