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Dirt 5 PS4 Fi3

Dirt 5 (PS4) Review

I have a love/hate relationship with racing games which have released this generation on consoles. A lot of them focus on ‘simulation’, having you manage everything from your crew members to adjusting all the statistics of your vehicle, yet others ...
The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel IV Fi3

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV (PS4) Review

When I was provided with a review copy for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV a few weeks ago, I had the same dilemma as I did with Yakuza 6 – I really want to play the ...
Cloudpunk Fi3

Cloudpunk (PS4) Review

Once upon a time, the thought of simulating delivering packages from one place to another wouldn’t really appeal to most people outside of fans of the simulation genre. However, thanks to the popularity of Death Stranding, it seems people are ...
Little Big Workshop Fi3

Little Big Workshop (PS4) Review

There’s nothing more satisfying than creating an efficient set of processes which all work together in order to produce something. The last game I played which was like this was Automachef, a game in which you design and create an ...
Port Royale 4 Fi3

Port Royale 4 (PS4) Review

Over the last few years I’ve been addicted to a few games which I refuse to delete off my PS4, games which I can put on for a few minutes then find I’ve spent a few hours managing my towns ...
Feather Fi3

Feather (PS4) Review

Not all games are meant to be played in order to reach a goal, some are created to simply give the player a space to retreat into and relax after a stressful day. I’ve seen this in a number of ...
Lost Ember Fi3

Lost Ember (Switch) Review

You only have to read my Beyond Blue review from a couple of months back to know how much of a nature lover I am, so once I learnt about Lost Ember, an animal exploration game that puts you in ...
Spellbreak Fi3

Spellbreak (PS4) Review

Following its full reveal at Gamescom 2020, Spellbreak is here as of September 3rd. Now, as someone who pretty much despises battle royale games, this one stood out and grabbed my attention. Even though everyone and their nan has tried ...
Control PC Fi3

Control Ultimate Edition (PC) Review

I like playing games which I know very little about so, not knowing what awaited me, I decided to give Control a try once it launched on Steam. The game piqued my interest right away with its sci-fi theme and ...
Descenders Fi3

Descenders (PS4) Review

I have a guilty pleasure for games like Trials, adjusting your balance as you fly into the sky and perform tricks, trying not to break your neck as you come back down to Earth. Recently I’ve been playing through two ...
Wintermoor Tactics Club Fi3

Wintermoor Tactics Club (PS4) Review

I’ve been a fan of strategic tactical RPG games ever since I first played Final Fantasy Tactics on my GameBoy SP many years ago. Since then we’ve seen franchises such as Fire Emblem, XCom, The Banner Saga, Wasteland and even ...
Kingdoms Of Amalur Fi3

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4) Review

Back in 2012, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was released on PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3, a game which a lot of people seem to have forgotten or never knew about. The story behind what happened next was rather strange, ...
Kandagawa Jet Girls Fi3

Kandagawa Jet Girls (PS4) Review

When I was growing up I loved Mario Kart: Double Dash, driving around with one character whilst my partner in crime was perched on the rear, throwing shells and banana peels at anyone who dared to approach me from behind. ...
New Super Lucky's Tale PS4 Fi3

New Super Lucky’s Tale (PS4) Review

Super Lucky’s Tale was a launch title for the now-discontinued Xbox One X back in 2017, also landing on the Windows 10 store at the same time. This ‘version’ of the game was later released on Steam until ‘New Super ...
Giraffe And Annika Fi3

Giraffe and Annika (PS4) Review

Have you ever played a game which is so wholesome and sweet that you find yourself outputting an audible “awww” every now and again whilst you’re playing it? That pretty much sums up my experience with Giraffe and Annika, a ...
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