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Poison Control Fi3

Poison Control (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

Nippon Ichi Software has a knack for creating unique, addictive, and colourful games, hidden gems that will easily take over your gaming schedule once you discover them. I’ve recently been playing Poison Control, the latest game from the creative minds ...
Balan Wonderworld Fi3

Balan Wonderworld (PS5) Review

It’s been a few weeks since Balan Wonderworld released, a game that seems to have received a lot of negative coverage from the press and a mixed reception from gamers – but was this justified? The game is clearly aimed ...
Potion Party Fi3

Potion Party (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

I’m a big fan of resource and time management games, juggling things around in order to make your workflow efficient and ensuring everything is running like clockwork. I’ve previously reviewed both Overcooked 2 and Welcome to Primrose Lake, two very ...
It Takes Two Fi3

It Takes Two (PS5) Review

Josef Fares is back! The man with the wonderful and huge personality returns with his new co-op adventure via Hazelight Studios, this time with an experience that’s more fantastical and less-realistic than his previous two games. It Takes Two is ...
I Saw Black Clouds Fi3

I Saw Black Clouds (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

Wales Interactive are back with another interactive FMV experience, this time from Ghost Dog Films, which I believe is their first outing in the video game/choose your own adventure format. However, unlike recent FMV titles released by the publisher, I ...
Spacebase Startopia Fi3

Spacebase: Startopia (PS5) Review

In space, no one can hear you scream – unless you’re on the Black Hole Drop ride aboard the galactic utopia, Spacebase: Startopia! I’ve been waiting a while to get my hands on this game, I love the resource management ...
Turrican Fi3

Turrican Flashback (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

Our first family computer, when I was much younger, was the Amstrad CPC 464, a self-contained compact computer featuring a multi-coloured keyboard and a cassette deck – yeah, games used to run off audio cassettes! I have a fond memory ...
Sanity Of Morris Fi3

Sanity of Morris (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

What’s the logical step to take after you’ve developed a game all about a world created out of colourful woollen creatures, develop a dark psychological thriller about aliens and conspiracies – obviously. Woven was Alterego Games‘ first published game, which ...
Postal Fi3

POSTAL Redux (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

Back in 1998, I went to a wholesale warehouse with my dad in search of new supplies for his shop. As he wandered the grow-up aisles, I found myself among a whole host of big-box PC games, two of which ...
Hitman 3 Fi3

Hitman 3 (PS5) Review

Back in November 2018, I reviewed Hitman 2, a brilliant sandbox murder simulation game which I quickly became obsessed with – playing it constantly to see how I can kill everyone in a new and creative way each time. The ...
Stubbs The Zombie Fi3

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

I’ve never played Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse before, I’ve seen it on Steam and I think I owned it for the original Xbox, but I don’t recall ever playing it. So, last night I played it ...
Root Film Fi3

Root Film (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

Back in November 2019, I reviewed Root Letter: Last Answer, the live-action version of the Visual Novel Thriller from Kadokawa Games. Since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of their next interactive mystery, Root Film – due for release ...
Doodle God 3volution Fi3

Doodle Devil: 3volution (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

Have you ever played a game that looked incredibly simple on the outside, yet turned out to be very addictive and in-depth once you really got into it? This was my experience with Doodle Devil: 3volution, a rather unusual and ...

PUSS! (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

A few weeks ago we were sent a review code for PUSS! on the PS4, a game I knew nothing about other than the accompanying image of a cute kawaii-style cat and the description being an “intense ‘avoid-em up’ puzzle”. ...
Silver Chains PS4 Fi3

Silver Chains (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

I’m a sucker for horror games. There’s something about testing how brave I am, by challenging myself to get through them without giving up, which adds to the excitement. This weeks horror game which I’ve been tasked with beating is ...
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