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Moons Of Madness Fi3

Moons of Madness (PS4) Review

It’s been a good few years for Lovecraft fans as there have been a number of games based upon his horrific creatures and lore, such as The Sinking City, Call of Cthulhu, and Conarium, how about one more? Moons of ...
Disaster Report 4 Fi3

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories (PS4/PSVR) Review

There have been a number of games delayed, put on hold, or simply cancelled due to coincidental events which occur in real life that mirror the concepts within the game. A while ago Death Road to Canada‘s release was delayed ...
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIV Fi3

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (PS4) Review

Wei, Shu, and Wu are three states that are commonplace names in gaming nowadays if you’ve ever heard of Koei Tecmo. I personally have the unabridged literature collection from Guanzhong Luo and Moss Roberts and can’t recommend it enough, I’ve ...
Bohemian Killing Fi3

Bohemian Killing (Switch) Review

Murder mysteries are entertaining, playing out the story and never knowing who is going to die or when, until the fatal event occurs and the police intervene and investigate. However, what if we began at the murder, knowing the who, ...
The Complex Fi3

The Complex (PS4) Review

There’s nothing more entertaining than an interactive FMV game, choosing what actions and dialogue the on-screen characters perform and watching as the events play out in front of you. Over the years I’ve played many of these, such as The ...
Saints Row IV Fi3

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Switch) Review

The time is finally here guys, it’s the release of an open-world action-adventure game that involves you enhancing your superpowers, collecting orbs, playing both solo or in co-op, and generally causing havoc for the enemies and civilians alike! No, silly… ...
Wunderling Fi3

Wunderling (Nintendo Switch) Review

The SNES was a great era for gaming – sure, a lot of garbage was put onto the system, but it’s where a lot of us started our gaming journey. These days, we love replaying the games we grew up ...
Paper Beast Fi3

Paper Beast (PSVR) Review

Back in April 2019, the world was introduced to Paper Beast, a PSVR exclusive title that looked very unique – a silent, non-narrative experience with gigantic creatures made out of paper. I purposely decided to keep away from any videos ...
Metro Redux Fi3

Metro Redux [2033 and Last Light] (Nintendo Switch) Review

The Nintendo Switch has received a number of ports, some based upon the previous generation of consoles (the PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360) and some modified and optimised versions of PS4 and Xbox One titles. Due to its weaker ...
Jump Step Step Fi3

Jump, Step, Step (PS4) Review

Puzzle games come in many variations, especially digital ones. There are digital representations of classics such as word searches, Picross, and crosswords, and there are games which invent their own puzzles through the use of a narrative adventure or immersive ...
Doom Eternal Fi3

DOOM Eternal (PS4) Review

When DOOM was set to be rebooted back in 2016, nobody knew what to expect. Would it be a simple remake of the original game with some cinematics thrown in, would it be a 30fps narrative FPS, or would it ...
King Lucas Fi3

King Lucas (Nintendo Switch) Review

Simplistic platformers with roguelike and/or Metroidvania gameplay aspects are quite common at the moment, especially among the indie scene. So, for one to stand out it has to have its own ‘thing’, something which is unique or special to draw ...
Welcome To Primrose Lake Fi3

Welcome to Primrose Lake (Switch) Review

Time management games are my guilty pleasure, I’ve loved playing them ever since I first played Diner Dash many, many years ago on my mother’s iPad. However, I tend not to play too many PC games these days and there ...
Dead Or School Fi3

Dead or School (PS4) Review

Zombies are a very prevalent trope in today’s society, they have featured in movies, shows, and books for almost a century, filling us with an irrational fear of the dead coming alive to eat our brains. However, despite the love ...
Mountain Rescue Simulator Fi3

Mountain Rescue Simulator (PS4) Review

I love simulation games, they let you jump into the shoes of another person and become someone else for a few hours. However, there are two types of ‘simulations’, there are the ones which get really in-depth and detailed, such ...
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