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Silver Chains PS4 Fi3

Silver Chains (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

I’m a sucker for horror games. There’s something about testing how brave I am, by challenging myself to get through them without giving up, which adds to the excitement. This weeks horror game which I’ve been tasked with beating is ...
The Sinking City Ps5 Fi3

The Sinking City (PS5) Review

On Thursday, Frogwares surprised everyone by announcing a remastered PS5 edition of their latest release, The Sinking City, which was set to launch at midnight that day, allowing people to experience the next-gen edition from Friday onwards. As a massive ...
Gal Gun Returns Fi3

Gal*Gun Returns (Switch) Review

Back in 2011, the world was introduced to Gal*Gun, a game in which you play the role of a guy who has to fend off horny schoolgirls by shooting them with his Orgazmorator (Have you seen Orgazmo?). Originally released on ...
Little Nightmares II Fi3

Little Nightmares II [2] (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

I’ve owned the original Little Nightmares for a while now, had it sat in my library on the PS4 staring at me every time I’m looking for something to play. However, as I’m not a massive fan of stealth and ...
Psychotic's Colossus Down Fi3

Psychotic’s Colossus Down (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

A while ago I reviewed two crazy point-and-click games, Psychotic’s Agatha Knife and MechaNika, both of which are connected but revolve around two protagonists with differing agendas. In Agatha Knife, we set out to summon the Great Bleeding Pig, the ...
The Pedestrian Fi3

The Pedestrian (PS5) Review

Do you find road signs exciting? Have you ever casually sat there, staring at one of the many warning and informative metal plaques, thinking about what it would be like if you were the mini simplistic character unable to leave ...
Control PS5 Fi3

Control: Ultimate Edition (PS5) Review

Back in 2019 Remedy Entertainment introduced us to their greatest adventure yet, the story of Jesse, her strange brother, the other-worldly ‘Hiss’, and a mysterious old building which seems just as ‘alive’ as the horrors inhabiting it. Since its release, ...
Lost Caves

Lost Caves (PC) Review

A few weeks ago we were sent Lost Caves to take a look at, a small indie game focused on exploration, survival, and becoming rich. What started as a delightful experience quickly turned into a rather tricky, yet addictive, adventure ...
Ys IX Fi3

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

One of my most anticipated games of 2021 was Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, the latest action RPG game in the Ys series – I was a late bloomer to the series but I loved playing through Ys VIII and, more ...
Root Double Fi3

Root Double: Before Crime * After Days – Xtend Edition (Switch) Review

Have you ever picked up a book and found yourself so captivated that you don’t want to put it down? Well, that’s exactly how I felt whilst ‘playing’ Root Double: Before Crime * After Days – Xtend Edition (ROOT√DOUBLE). There ...
Overcooked All You Can Eat Fi3

Overcooked! All You Can Eat (PS5) Review

It’s back! Hopefully you’re hungry for more as the stressfully hilarious and relationship-ending co-operative mayhem, that is Overcooked, is here on the latest generation of consoles, ready to take over your life all over again. Overcooked! All You Can Eat ...
Godfall Fi3

Godfall (PS5) Review

The PlayStation 5 launched two months ago alongside a wide selection of upgraded games and enhanced remasters. Despite these taking advantage of the new power on offer, there were only a few games which were purposely built from the ground ...
The Pillar Fi3

The Pillar: Puzzle Escape (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

I’m a fan of puzzles, whether they’re woven into the game as we see with every Artifex Mundi title, or used as the core gameplay mechanic as presented within Neverout. Sometimes it’s nice to see a game offer many puzzles within ...
Dirt 5 PS5 Fi3

Dirt 5 (PS5) Additional Review

Dirt 5 launched on ‘last-gen’ consoles on the 6th November, followed swiftly by an updated version on both the Xbox Series S|X and PS5 at the launch of the new generation. As we were kindly provided with the game pre-launch, ...
Visage Fi3

Visage (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

I’ll try not to mention it too much but let’s face it, since its release back in 2015 the Silent Hills playable teaser, P.T, has inspired most horror games that came since. The reaction to it was insane and developers ...
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