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Bridge Constructor Fi3

Bridge Constructor: Ultimate Edition (Switch) Review

There have been a number of games which revolve around constructing bridges that have released over the years, with my favourite to date being Bridge Constructor Portal – a construction game merged with the mechanics of Valve’s hit puzzle game. ...
Selma And The Wisp Fi3

Selma and the Wisp (Nintendo Switch) Review

Selma and the Wisp is a 2D platformer published by Ultimate Games and developed by Toucan Studio. The game had previously released on Steam back in 2016 but today I’m taking a look at the Nintendo Switch version which was ...
Stranger Things 3 Fi3

Stranger Things 3: The Game (PS4) Review

When I was younger, pretty much every successful film and TV show had its own video game based on the franchise. We saw this a lot last generation, with all of the Disney tie-ins and the beginning of Telltale Games’ ...
Close To The Sun PS4 Fi3

Close to the Sun (PS4) Review

I’ve previously played and reviewed the Epic Games Store version of Close to the Sun upon launch, a review you can find HERE. However, due to my PC not being the greatest, resulting in a few technical issues on my ...
Still There Fi3

Still There (Nintendo Switch) Review

Being an astronaut would be amazing, travelling to space, seeing the unseen, and visiting distant planets – it all sounds so exciting and exhilarating. However, what if you were in space, only instead of travelling at the speed of sound ...
Bury Me My Love Fi3

Bury me, my Love is FREE on the Nintendo Switch (until December 31st 2019) + Mini Review

Before this week I'd not heard of Bury me, my Love, a text messaging adventure game which has a dynamically changing story based upon meaningful choices you make throughout the experience with your wife. However, after playing through the entire ...
Dead End Job Fi3

Dead End Job (PS4) Review

Apple Arcade launched a short time ago over on iOS devices, bringing with it a bunch of brand new games – some of which were timed exclusives to the mobile platform. One such game, which I’ve been waiting to eagerly ...
Space Pioneer Fi3

Space Pioneer (Nintendo Switch) Review

If you’ve read any of my Mobile to Switch port reviews before (such as Into the Dead 2) you’ll know how addicted I tend to get with the simplest of games. Rather than try to create an immersive and stretched-out ...
AVICII Invector Fi3

AVICII: Invector (PS4) review

After writing an article a few days ago about mental health and the charities and foundations out there trying to remove the stigma surrounding it, allowing us to freely talk about our issues, I read that Hello There and Wired ...
Safe In Our World Fi3

Mental Health Awareness: Fractured Minds, Safe In Our World, The Town of Light

As a departure from our usual format of reviewing games, I’d like to introduce you to a new charity, the first project released as part of the awareness program, and another game which I feel also touches upon subjects which ...
Simulacra Fi3


With a concept that wouldn’t go amiss in a Black Mirrors episode, SIMULACRA is a game in which you must dig through a missing persons mobile phone in order to try and track her down and ‘hopefully’ find her before ...
Headspun Fi3

Headspun (PS4) Review

Headspun has had a rocky launch, to say the least. The game came out a few months ago but, as with all of the games I personally review on the site, I wait until the game is in a decent ...
New Super Lucky's Tale Switch Fi3

New Super Lucky’s Tale (Switch) Review

Super Lucky’s Tale was released back in 2017 as an Xbox console exclusive alongside the launch of the Xbox One X – it was also a ‘Play Anywhere’ title allowing you to play the game on both the Xbox One ...
Will A Wonderful World Fi3

WILL: A Wonderful World (PS4) Review

Have you ever found yourself praying to God, asking for someone to save you from the mess your life has ended up in? Maybe you don’t believe in God, yet when you’re so down with nothing obvious to live for, ...
True Fear Part 2 Fi3

True Fear: Forsaken Souls ~ Part 2 (PS4) Review

Early last year I took a look at a game that stood up against Artifex Mundi as a horror-based adult version of their ever-popular Hidden Object Games, True Fear: Forsaken Souls ~ Part 1. Its dark tones, spooky story, difficult ...
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