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Mountain Rescue Simulator Fi3

Mountain Rescue Simulator (PS4) Review

I love simulation games, they let you jump into the shoes of another person and become someone else for a few hours. However, there are two types of ‘simulations’, there are the ones which get really in-depth and detailed, such ...
Ski Sniper Fi3

Ski Sniper (Nintendo Switch) Review

Have you ever thought of multiple random games or sports and wondered what it would be like to combine them? Imagine, if you will, Zombie Army/Sniper Elite combined with Clay Pigeon Shooting and Ski Jumping Pro VR… The Frankenstein creation ...
Rabi Rabi Fi3

Rabi-Ribi (Switch) Review

Rabi-Ribi is a Bullet-hell platformer developed by both CreSpirit and GemaYue and published by Circle Entertainment, a company most known for its localisations of various smaller titles around the world. Originally launching back in 2016 on PC followed by the ...
Goblin Sword Fi3

Goblin Sword (Nintendo Switch) Review

Retro and Classic games are still all the rage today, even as much as they were when I was growing up. So, the 16-bit aesthetics of Goblin Sword will easily please those looking for some nostalgic action. Originally an iOS ...
The Coma 2 Fi3

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters (PC) Review

After having previously played The Coma: Recut, I was already impressed at the premise and setting the developers had created. There’s nothing creepier than walking through the dark halls of your once familiar school without being able to exit. To ...
Voxelgram Fi3

Voxelgram (Nintendo Switch) Review

I’ve been waiting for a particular game to make its jump to the Nintendo Switch, a game which I’ve spent hours playing on my NDS and 3DS previously – that game is none other than Picross 3D. However, despite the ...
Two Point Hospital Fi3

Two Point Hospital (PS4) Review

Bullfrog Productions were one of my favourite developers when I was a kid, they turned me onto simulation and management games, genres which I’m a massive fan of to this day. Whether I was a Dungeon Keeper setting traps for ...
Top Run Fi3

Top Run (PS4) Review

One of my favourite casual games of 2019 was Hero Express, a Trials-like game in which you drive various vehicles across a bumpy landscape as you try to reach the finish line in one piece. That game was both developed ...
Ciel Fledge Fi3

Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator (Switch) Review

Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator is a unique simulation game published by PQube Games and developed by Studio Namaapa. Ciel Fledge is the developer’s second game, the first being Nusakana which was a JRPG about dating fish girls and ...

Arc of Alchemist (PS4) Review

Up until getting my hands on Arc of Alchemist, I had no idea what the game was about or going to play like. Idea Factory and Compile Hearts don’t tend to stick to a single genre or gameplay style, they ...
Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo Fi3

Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo (PS4) Review

Does anyone remember the 1979 arcade classic, Asteroids? It’s a simple game in which you move a spaceship around and shoot various blobs (asteroids) as they come flying in from all sides, splitting into smaller pieces as you blast them ...
39 Days To Mars Fi3

39 Days to Mars (PS4) Review

39 Days to Mars is a game that I’d not heard of until a few weeks ago, despite originally launching back in April 2018 on the PC after a successful Kickstarter in 2014. It’s a co-operative enforced game that lets ...
Nurse Love Addiction Fi3

Nurse Love Addiction (Switch) Review

Nurse Love Addiction was developed by Kogado Studio, known for their bishōjo titles, and published by Degica Games, who are known for their extensive niche and Japanese game library. After originally launching on the PS Vita over in Japan, it ...
Glass Masquerade 2 Fi3

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions (PS4) Review

It’s finally here, the sequel to one of my favourite, most relaxing puzzles games of 2019, Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions. It was almost exactly a year ago (6th Feb 2019) which I reviewed the original Glass Masquerade, a game which ...
Spaceland PS4 Fi3

Spaceland (PS4) Review

Back in March 2019 I played and reviewed The Braveland Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch, a simplified Heroes of Might and Magic-like game from developer Tortuga Team. Later that year the developers released Spaceland, their simplified Xcom-like game on Apple ...
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