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Perfect Angle Fi3

Perfect Angle (PS4) – Review

Do you ever wake up at night, look at the wall and see a dark, shadowy figure watching you from the corner of the room with the look of death in his eyes? Upon seeing this, you instantly turn on ...
North Fi3

North (PS4) Review

I played through and completed North on PS4 yesterday and even though it’s still very fresh in my mind with its unusual aesthetic and horrifying visuals, I’m finding it so hard to put into words what I actually played. I ...
The Station Fi3

The Station (PS4) Review

The Station intrigued me when I first heard about it a few weeks ago. Upon entering their website, I was presented with an application form for a new job – it was to apply for their next journey into space ...
Suicide Guy Fi3

Suicide Guy (PS4) Review

Going off the title and marketing image, you would be forgiven if you believe that Suicide guy, from Chubby Pixel, was a game about being unable to cope and looking for a way to end it. However, that’s only partially ...
Rad Rodgers Fi3

Rad Rodgers (PS4) Review

How many people out there remember the old school platformers? I’m not talking about your Marios, Sonics or even your Bubsys – I’m talking about games such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Commander Keen and Ruff’n’Tumble. These are 90’s era platformers that ...
Monster Energy Supercross Fi3

Monster Energy Supercross (PS4) Review

Monster Energy Supercross (or Monster Energy AMA Supercross – FIM World Championship: The Official Videogame – to give it it’s full title!) is the latest game from Italian developer, Milestone S.r.l. – they are a common name in the world of ...
Crossing Souls Fi3

Crossing Souls (PS4) Review

Crossing Souls is yet another Kickstarter success story – these seem to be on a roll this month! Raising $51k out of a $45k goal, Fourattic has teamed up with Devolver Digital to bring their game to PC and PS4 (with ...
The Longest 5 Minutes Fi3

The Longest Five Minutes (PS Vita) Review

I simply adore NIS America as they seem to know me inside out – pretty much every title they develop or publish instantly makes me want to buy them, even the controversial Tokyo Tattoo Girls which still doesn’t sync with PSN, ...
Squareboy Vs Bullies Fi3

Squareboy Vs. Bullies: Arena Edition (PS4, PS Vita) Review

When I was a wee lad, I used to play a lot of beat ’em ups before I became obsessed with RPGs and adventure games. I used to love the feeling of being in control, taking out anyone who so much ...
Energy Cycle Fi3

Energy Cycle (PS4, PS Vita) Review

When it comes to puzzle games, some games get really deep and create mind-boggling puzzles which have you scratching your head over, whereas others deliver games which are so easy a child could complete it within a few minutes. However, ...
Alteric Fi3

Alteric (PS4) Review

Alteric is a game that is heavily influenced by a few popular games, mainly Thomas was alone and Super Meat Boy. If you have played both of these titles then you will know how different they are, one is a calm ...
Spiral Splatter Fi3

Spiral Splatter (PS4, PS Vita) Review

Spiral Splatter is akin to those old metal puzzle games you used to play at local fairs where you would hold a baton and have to move it along a wire without making contact with the sides. The game has ...
One More Dungeon Fi3

One More Dungeon (PS4, PS Vita) Review

One More Dungeon is the latest pixel-graphics Rogue-like game from developer Stately Snail and Publisher Ratalaika Games. Ratalaika Games are well known for their help in porting smaller indie titles from the PC to consoles – in this case buying the game will ...
Nine Parchments Fi3

Nine Parchments (PS4) Review

Nine Parchments is the latest game from studio Frozenbyte who is most famous for their ‘Trine’ series. If you have owned any gaming platform the in last 5-10 years then you will have seen the beautiful world they created and ...
Mudrunner Fi3

Spintires: MudRunner (PS4) Review

Have you ever seen films where a car gets stuck in the mud and you see the tires furiously spinning around, spitting mud all over the place yet moving nowhere? Upon seeing this did you ever think to yourself, “That’s ...
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