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Blood Waves Fi3

Blood Waves (PS4) Review

Normally I start all my reviews with some sort of backstory or other witty banter, but this time things are very different. Up until about a year or two ago, I wouldn’t touch Indies with a 12-foot barge pole, but ...
Fate Extella Link Fi3

Fate/EXTELLA LINK (PS4) Review

I’m a massive fan of hack and slash games such as Devil May Cry 5, Warriors Orochi 4, and Dynasty Warriors 9, the representation of yourself as a major badass really appeals to me. You can turn on your console, ...
Turok Fi3

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter [Remaster] (Nintendo Switch) Review

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter has returned! I know a lot of people claim Mario and Link are the Nintendo mascots, but back on the N64, I would personally have placed Turok himself within the list of the infamous faces you can ...
Farm Together Fi3 2

Farm Together (PS4) Review

Old MacDonald had a farm; E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm, he had some friends; E-I-E-I-O. With a tap tap here, and a tap tap there; here a tap, there a tap, Farm Together and tap tap! Old MacDonald had a ...
Braveland Trilogy Switch Fi3

Braveland Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) Review

What’s the last tactical SRPG you played? I’m not talking about games such as Phantom Doctrine or XCOM, I mean games like Heroes of Might and Magic (HoMM) in which you travel across a map and engage in single-screen tile-based ...
Steins Gate Elite Fi3

Steins;Gate Elite (PS4) Review

I’ve played a variety of Visual Novel games over the last 12 months. Thankfully, I’ve not played any generic ones as each one has its own identity, mechanics and visual style to pull you in and keep you invested in ...
Secret Files Tunguska Fi3

Secret Files: Tunguska (Nintendo Switch) Review

I know a lot of people who picked up a Nintendo Switch in order to play the first party games and the big AAA exclusives which won’t be coming to other platforms, games such as Mario Odyssey, Pokemon, Bayonetta 3 ...

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt (PC – Steam) Review

Regular readers will know that I’m a fan of most genres but there are a few which a clearly love more than others. One such genre is the resource management variety such as games like The Settlers, Tropico and Railway ...
Rad Rodgers Switch Fi3

Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition (Nintendo Switch) Review

Ah yes, another day another game that emulates the games of the 1990s. Now don’t take that the wrong way, as a gamer that was moulded by the platformers from that time frame, it’s almost as if Rad Rodgers was ...
12 Is Better Than 6 Fi3

12 Is Better Than 6 (Nintendo Switch) Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed the awesome The Hong Kong Massacre, a game that took inspiration from a John Woo movie and Hotline Miami to deliver an action-packed top-down brutal bloodbath of a game. The last few days I’ve ...
Pod Fi3

Pode (PS4) Review

Back in June last year, the Nintendo Switch received a rather beautiful looking puzzle platformer in which you can either play solo or share your Joycons with another player and engage in some rather entertaining and thought-provoking puzzle solving. This ...
Arcade Spirits Fi3

Arcade Spirits (PC) Review

Visual Novels are taking up a lot of my time lately. I’ve recently reviewed the excellent Song of Memories and I have four more still being worked on for reviewing very soon. However, the common theme among all of the ...
Nairi Fi3

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin (PC – Steam) Review

I’ve played a lot of point-and-click titles over the years, from the good old days of Lucas Arts Games to the more modern adventures we get from Daedalic Entertainment, every single one of them has their own artistic style, control ...
Reverie Sweet As Fi3

Reverie: Sweet As Edition (Nintendo Switch) Review

I’ll start by saying that Reverie: Sweet As Edition is an absolute delight. The five-six hours I spent with the game had me transfixed with a beaming smile on my face. The developer, Rainbite, have created a game that magically ...
Conarium Fi3

Conarium (PS4) Review

H.P. Lovecraft is a name which the majority of people will recognise instantly. His most popular works of fiction are based around Cthulhu, a beast with tentacles on its face who resides within the ocean awaiting the summoning from its ...
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