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Resident Evil Fi3

Resident Evil HD Remastered (Switch) Review

I’m probably one of the few people in the world who grew up around the era of the PlayStation that has never played a Resident Evil game all the way through. As such, we were offered all three of the ...
Resident Evil Zero Fi3

Resident Evil Zero/0 (Switch) Review

The Nintendo Switch finally has some more big boy games coming, stopping the army of fans of other platforms from complaining about it being too family-oriented. Now, the granddaddy of all horror series, Resident Evil, has three games on the ...
Castlevania Collection Fi3

Castlevania Anniversary Collection (PS4) Review

Every 100 years Dracula comes back to life and is stronger than ever before, forcing mankind to call upon a saviour to save the day. The Belmont Clan are always up for a challenge as they are usually the first ...
Marble It Up Fi3

Marble it Up! (PC) Review

I am a massive fan of bringing back ideas from games of the past that are no longer around. Marble it Up! instantly caught my eye as it reminded me of one of my favourite games to play on the ...
Black Paradox Fi3

Black Paradox (PS4) Review

Black Paradox is a Side Scrolling Shoot-em-up massively influenced by all things ’80s, made by Fantastico Studio. The title comes from the name of your character, a time-travelling space gallivanting bounty hunter who must hunt down the seven leaders of ...
The World Next Door Fi3

The World Next Door (PC) Review

My first thought when I learned about this game was that it simply looks stunning, given it’s an indie game. While not every part of the gameplay sounded appealing to me at first, I found it very interesting after having ...
Irony Curtain Fi3

Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love (PC) Review

When you hear the name Artifex Mundi there’s only one type of game which comes to mind, Hidden Object Games (HOGs). They are infamous among trophy hunters for their enjoyable, yet easy, platinum trophies, as well as very popular with ...
Sniper Elite V2 Fi3

Sniper Elite V2 [Remastered] (PS4) Review

I don’t think the Sniper Elite series requires any form of introduction. Pretty much every gamer out there will either know it as ‘the realistic sniping game’, ‘that game where you get shown X-rays as the bullets penetrate your unfortunate ...
Power Rangers Story Mode Fi3

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid [Story Mode] (Switch) Review

These days there’s a terrible trend going around; release a game in an unfinished state and then patch it or add more content later on. We’ve seen this with games like Sea of Thieves, No Mans Sky, and more recently, ...
Mechstermination Force Fi3

Mechstermination Force (Nintendo Switch) Review

Sometimes you feel like playing an old-school 2D sidescroller, working your way through countless enemies as you make your way to the final challenge, a massive boss which offers a great challenge and makes you use all the skills you’ve ...
Our World Is Ended Fi3

Our World is Ended (PS4) Review

I’ve been noticeably quiet this weekend, that can mean only one thing – I’ve been immersed and captivated by yet another Visual Novel! It’s not every day that I’ll play a game for over 70 hours in order to get ...
Close To The Sun PC Fi3

Close to the Sun (PC) Review

Close to the Sun was one of my most anticipated games of the year, I’ve been following it for a while and jumped at the chance to review it on my recently upgraded PC. The first thing you’ll most likely ...
Truberbrook Fi3

Trüberbrook (PS4) Review

It seems to be adventure game season at the moment as I’ve recently reviewed both Silence and Deponia on the Nintendo Switch, and today I’m taking a look at the Kickstarted Trüberbrook from btf and Headup Games. Now, I didn’t ...
Super Blood Hockey Fi3

Super Blood Hockey (Nintendo Switch) Review

Good luck convincing me that there is a tougher sport out there than hockey. I may not be able to boast about being a Canadian, but I’ve always been a stone’s throw away from Canada as I lived in Alaska ...
Deponia Fi3

Deponia (Nintendo Switch) Review

I’ve reviewed a few point-and-click games recently, I took a look at Silence on the Nintendo Switch, Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey on the PC and the Secret Files: Tunguska, to name a few. However, over a year ...
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