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Hero Express Fi3

Hero Express (Switch) Review

I’m a sucker for addictive progression-based games; as soon as a game introduces a roguelike/lite mechanic where you’re deemed to fail so that you can improve your stats and try again, I’m hooked. As such, I’ve recently found myself addicted ...
Captian Cat Fi3

Captain Cat (Nintendo Switch) Review

The Nintendo Switch has an impressively large library of games, considering it’s only been on sale for two years. However, as you dive into the e-Shop and poke around, you’ll notice that there are easily over a thousand direct ports ...
The Sinking City PS4 Fi3

The Sinking City (PS4) Review

There are a few games that I’ve followed for a number of years now, hoping they satisfy all of my hype and anticipation I’ve gained throughout the years of following their development. As a massive fan of Frogwares and their ...
Red Faction Guerrilla Switch Fi3

Red Faction Guerrilla: ReMARStered / Remastered (Switch) Review

THQ Nordic announced a few months back that their remastered ‘smash-em-up’, Red Faction Guerrilla: ReMARStered, was coming to the Nintendo Switch after the successful release over on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. With a release date set for ...
Ascendance Fi3

Ascendance (Nintendo Switch) Review

Sometimes I don’t want to start a new narrative-based game, learn the mechanics of resource management or simulation games, or brutally murder NPCs out of necessity or pleasure; I sometimes just want a game I can play casually. Ascendance is ...
Back In 1995 Fi3

Back in 1995 (PS4, PS Vita) Review

I was a mere 1-year-old pup in 1995, the year in which this game is set – seeking to elicit vivid and happy memories from the gamers old enough to remember. I may not have been around to experience the ...
Trover Saves The Universe Fi3

Trover saves the Universe (PSVR, PS4) Review

Justin Roiland is no stranger when it comes to comedy, being the co-creator and main vocal star of the popular Adult Swim TV show, Rick and Morty. So, when we all discovered he was creating a new VR-enabled adventure game, ...
Hellmut Fi3

HELLMUT: The Badass from Hell (Xbox One) Review

There are so many 2D bullet-hell games around that it’s hard to find any that stand out from the pack. Thankfully, developers Volcanicc have made a game which is one such example that caught my eye. Hellmut: The Badass from ...
Witch Thief Fi3

Witch Thief (Nintendo Switch) Review

Witch Thief is a bullet hell shooter with a whole new perspective. Rather than relying on old shmup styles, this new game, by developer and publisher Cardboard Games, has an underlying narrative and is played in third-person within a 3D ...
Kotodama Fi3

Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa (PS4) Review

Visual Novels are my guilty pleasure. When I can’t be bothered to read a book and I can’t think of what game I want to play, I put on a Visual Novel; two birds, one stone! I’ve covered a number ...
American Fugitive Fi3

American Fugitive (PS4) Review

Does anyone remember the original Grand Theft Auto? The top-down classic where you go around the city fulfilling missions given to you via a public payphone as you mow down pedestrians and avoid the cops? It seems Fallen Tree Games ...
Neon Caves Fi3

Neon Caves (Switch) Review

Neon Caves is a colourful arcade shooter made by Force of Habit, an independent studio based in the UK. It’s a bullet hell shmup with a very old school feel but it also has a couple of defining features that ...
Team Sonic Racing Fi3

Team Sonic Racing (PS4) Review

Last gen, there was a kart-based series which I played constantly, two games which ate hours of my life every week as I became absorbed by their replayability and wide array of characters and tracks. No, I’m not talking about ...
Unruly Heroes Fi3

Unruly Heroes (PS4) Review

Journey to the West is a classic Chinese story that has been retold and adapted in many cultures over the years. Two such adaptations always spring to mind, both Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – the 2010 game from Ninja ...
Resident Evil 4 Fi3

Resident Evil 4 (Switch) Review

It’s been fourteen years since the original release of Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo Gamecube, yet when people talk about the game you can see the glint in their eyes as they recall the first time they played this ...
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