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Return Of The Obra Dinn Fi3

Return of the Obra Dinn (PS4) Review

I’ve always loved a good murder mystery, whether in a book, film, TV show, or video game; seeing a crime and then using various clues to deduce who did it, what weapon/method they used, and why, really intrigues me. We’ve ...
The Outer Worlds Fi3

The Outer Worlds (PS4) Review

Obsidian Entertainment, for most people, is most well known for Fallout: New Vegas, the follow up to Bethesda’s Fallout 3 on PC and the last generation of consoles. Although they’ve developed other hits, such as South Park and the Stick of ...
The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel III PS4 Fi3

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4) Review

At last, the third instalment of the popular ‘Trails of Cold Steel’ series is here, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III. After working my way through the remasters of the first two games a few months ago ...
Into The Dead 2 Fi3

Into the Dead 2 (Switch) Review

Mobile ports on the Nintendo Switch is a common practice at the moment, many developers make the transition and bump up the resolution, add a few additional features, or simply keep them as a 1:1 copy for use with the ...
Raging Loop Fi3

Raging Loop (PS4) Review

KEMCO are well known for their top-down retro-style RPG games, releasing numerous games every year on all platforms. So, when I saw that they were localising their Visual Novel, Raging Loop, on the PlayStation 4, I had to try it ...
Indivisible Fi3

Indivisible (PS4) Review

It’s always cool to watch as an idea that starts small is able to grow an become a grander thing than what was originally conceived. Indivisible is a game that has been anticipated for quite a while now, especially for ...
Deliver Us The Moon PC Fi3

Deliver Us The Moon (PC) Review

Despite my dislike of Kickstarter and Crowdfunding in general, the system has brought us a number of great games in the last few years, projects which actually met their goal and produced a game which resembled what was promised within ...
Spirit Hunter NG Fi3

Spirit Hunter: NG (PS4) Review

Back in October 2018, I played and reviewed one of the best adventure visual novels I’d played this entire generation, Death Mark. I ended my review with a wish, a request that Experience Inc. and Aksys Games worked together once ...
Call Of Cthulhu Switch Fi3

Call of Cthulhu (Nintendo Switch) Review

It’s finally here! Call of Cthulhu, the game based on the board game based on the stories by H.P. Lovecraft, arrives on the Nintendo Switch in all of its gothic splendour, allowing us to experience the full game wherever and ...
Candleman Switch Fi3

Candleman (Nintendo Switch) Review

At long last, Spotlightor Interactive‘s hidden gem, Candleman, has finally surfaced on Nintendo’s hybrid system with help from publisher indienova. I actually reviewed the game last year when it launched on the PlayStation 4 (HERE) but I couldn’t turn down ...
Untitled Goose Game Fi3

Untitled Goose Game (Nintendo Switch) Review

Now, where do I start with the rather aptly named ‘Untitled Goose Game‘ from developer House House? I’m not a fan of geese and my distaste for them largely stems from my University days where I had to walk to ...
The Tiny Bang Story Fi3

The Tiny Bang Story (Nintendo Switch) Review

The Nintendo Switch and games designed for mobile devices and casual PC gamers go hand in hand, the touch screen coupled with the portability and family-friendly reputation is one which many developers have used to their advantage. A game which ...
Mr Blaster Fi3

Mr Blaster (Switch) Review

Not all games need to be a sprawling open-world or narrative-driven epic to be fun, just look at the success of games like Angry Birds and Temple Run. Now, Forever Entertainment and ENTERi is hoping to have the next game ...
Tropico 6 Fi3

Tropico 6 (PS4) Review

It’s been five long years since the release of Tropico 5 on the PlayStation 4, a game which I can’t even imagine how many hours I’ve spent building up my empire, only to watch it fall because I forgot to ...
Edna And Harvey Harvey's New Eyes Fi3

Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes (PS4) review

Daedalic Entertainment are among my favourite publishers (and sometimes developers) for classic point-and-click style games. From the brilliant, and often overlooked, Deponia series (which is now available in its entirety on modern consoles), to the deep and captivating Pillars of ...
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