Gun Gun Pixies (Nintendo Switch) Review

This weekend I had the pleasure of playing the latest game from our friends at PQube Games and Compile Heart, Gun Gun Pixies. Words cannot describe the experience I had, from the first moment I shot ‘happy bullets’ at a young girl and pretty much gave her an orgasm, all the way until I was groping the final girl in the bathtub twelve hours later… What happened in between these two rather interesting and eye-opening experiences was an adventure I don’t think I’ve experienced for a while.

Reminding me vaguely of a combination of PQube‘s Gal*Gun and Koei Tecmo‘s Attack on Titan, the overly sexualised risque action-adventure title surprisingly had me hooked and addicted to it’s extremely fun and ‘satisfying’ combat. Come with me as I try to explain what this game was and how it made me feel…

gun gun pixies 1

Such an excellent shot!

The premise of Gun Gun Pixies is such a simple one, a couple of aliens have landed on Earth to study human behaviour in order to save their own planet. However, these two aliens just so happen to be a pair of sexually active big-breasted pixies, one of which comes across as almost a nymphomaniac as she can’t control herself! They have taken residence within an all-girls dormitory, acting almost like a fly on the wall in a young horny schoolboy’s fantasy, watching the girls prance around in their underwear, throw their panties all over the place and generally chat with a lot of built-up sexual frustrations and innuendo.

As the story progresses (yes, there’s a story), new girls enter the dorms, including a very familiar face, and you must secretly help out these giant humans (remember, you’re only a small pixie) as they fall victim of an infamous criminal. However, nothing is ever easy as evil Condoms Squids have appeared and threaten to take you down before you complete your mission by either stripping you of all of your clothes or causing you to fall within the line of sight of your giant test subjects.


Combining a lot of Visual Novel style narrative with three gameplay modes, you won’t have played a game like Gun Gun Pixies on the Switch before – I guarantee it!

gun gun pixies 2

Condom-head squids!

There are three actual gameplay modes in Gun Gun Pixies – Exploration/Squids, Giant Girls, and Bathing time! let’s take a look at them…

First of all, my slip up by calling the Squids condoms wasn’t an accident. I firmly believe that the designer of the game purposely designed the squids to look like condoms. Just look at the image above – it’s a condom! Regardless, there are various exploration modes, some are you just running around trying to avoid the giant girls from seeing you (by staying out of her cone of vision), and others involve either doing that and killing Squids or just killing all the Squids in the room. 

If you’re in a room with a giant girl, you can tap left and right on the D-Pad to pull a pose, that’ll make the girl think you’re just a doll and reduce her suspicion of you and move on. These poses are quite, erm, seductive and suggestive at times. One has your character lift up the front of her skirt and expose her panties, another has her bent over, some are her on her knees, and others are just as bad! However, if you run and make too much noise or forget to strike a pose when she’s looking at you, it’s game over and you need to start the mission again. 

The Squids come in all shapes and sizes (just like condoms). As you progress further into the game, they get harder (just like what goes in a… okay, I’ll stop now!), initially only taking a few shots to kill but eventually taking a lot – some even curling up into their ‘protective layer’ if you’re not constantly shooting them. There is a reason for these being here and a reason why only the pixies can see them, but that’s explained as you progress through the narrative, so I shan’t be telling you here.

gun gun pixies 3

Show me yours, I’ll show you mine…

Giant Girls
Who wouldn’t like to be in a room with a 50ft woman as she does seductive yoga, pole dances, straddles a vibrating machine between her legs as she sucks on an ice lolly, or wears a loose fitted ass-less dress as she chants some witchcraft spells? Seriously, every encounter is a “wtf” moment of both enjoyment and confusion! In these segments, you’ve changed your guns from kill to pleasure as you shoot the ginormous girlies G-spots with ‘happy bullets’ in the hopes of delivering enough pleasure to unlock a secret or clue as to what you’re currently working on. 

At first, you’ll only have to shoot the girl in any body part in order to deliver a burst of ecstasy to make her quiver at her knees and give you what you want. However, as the girls become more immune to your orgasmatron (let’s be honest, it’s an orgasmatron from Orgasmo – or something similar), you have to target specific body parts such as the head, upper/lower body, boobs, ass and even her ‘Vagina bones‘ (hips). As she becomes more enthused with ‘pleasure’, she’ll splurt out any secrets she’s hiding or in some cases, hurry up and get off her pole or vibrating machine.

I didn’t actually realise until I was about nine hours into the game that you can return to the main menu and buy upgrades to your guns in order to take down these big beauties much easier. There are a few special pads scattered throughout each room which will turn your bullets into much more powerful ones. However, it does leave you open for the condom Squids to come and attack you as you have to stand still.

gun gun pixies 4

Scrub Nep Nep!

Bathing time!
Just like Belle Delphine, when you’ve been shot with a tonne of pleasurable ‘happy’ bullets, there’s nothing better than taking a bath and splashing around in the water – you might even bottle it up afterwards and sell it to perverted people when you’re done… the bath time segments are rather unusual. Both our small pixies and the big girls are naked from head to toe. Well, they’re both naked but gracefully covered in foam so you can’t see their private areas. Once again, you whip out your gun and let the pleasuring begin!


The main difference in the bathroom is that the girls can’t see you at all, allowing you to shoot a few excitement shells into their most sensitive area (some girls like it when you shoot your load into their face, some their boobs and others their feet). Once they’re ‘happy’, they’ll get up out of the bath and either straddle it, pull a sexy pose or bend over like a piggie stood in it’s feeding trough! At that point, find a jump point and latch onto the giant’s succulent areas – either her boobs, butt, legs or stomach. Then rotate your little stick as you’ve never rotated it before as you shower yourself with money and make it rain all over the female’s fancies!

Once you’re out of time or you run out of bullets, it’s time to say goodbye to the girls as you leave the bathroom and progress with the story. Each chapter basically ends with you seducing one of the girls in the bathtub in this way, each with their own sexy naked bodies and choice of out-of-bath pose.

gun gun pixies 5

Just a standard day, nothing to see here…

Is there a point?
Yes. I’ve already said there’s a story which you’ll be working your way through, a story which took me 11hrs and 59mins to complete (let’s just say twelve hours). But, you won’t get very far if you stick with your default weapons as the end boss is really, really hard. So, each dorm room is littered with coins, collecting them will give you credits to spend in the shop – bathtime grants you thousands, so use it to your advantage. You can buy new weapons for both pixies (each has different weapons), upgrade the one you have, buy new scopes and even pick up some new underwear for your pixie…

Oh yeah, I forgot – you can customise your protagonist’s choice of panties and bra. Why? You begin a chapter with a nice set of clothes (a dress at first and a mini skirt and top combo later on). When you get hit the first time, your clothes begin to rip. The next time results in your clothes getting torn off and only your underwear is exposed (which is why you can pick what to wear). If you get hit again, your panties and bra get ripped off and you run around with a light cloud over your unmentionables. If you get hit again, it’s game over. To recover, find one of the pads I told you about (which makes your happy bullets into super happy ones) and you can restore your clothes at any stage for free. 

The game is very sexualised though, it really wants you to see your protagonist’s panties. For example, if you push down on the D-Pad to crouch, you get a front-row view of your girls chosen delicates right in front of your face. This is also followed by a lot of sexual moaning and groaning as you crawl around on all fours. I personally don’t mind things like this – it’s PQube, it’s what I expect – but it’s not a game to play around young kids and those who get easily offended over seeing a girl’s knickers. The exhibitionism also occurs with the giant girls as you’re constantly looking up their short clothing and they don’t really care who sees them with hardly anything on. 

gun gun pixies 6

Sweet Nipples…

Your reward for winning the game
I don’t think this falls into spoilers, but I wanted to let you know what you get when you finally complete the game. First of all, you can add additional time to the bathroom sessions! I basically adjusted it so I was pulling in 70-100k coins per session! You’ll also get the option to dress all the giant girls (or maidens) up in whatever clothing you have bought – including what types of panties they wear. It also unlocked a few more modifiers which makes replaying the game much easier, as well as a few ultra-hard levels which I’ve not tried yet.

Now, the main thing I wanted to do when I finished the game was buy the X-ray scope. It promised to increase my zoom and allowed me to see through the giant maidens clothing! It was pricey, at 500k, but I used my bathtime trick and managed to pull together enough money after a few hours. I’ve not been this giddy in a long time, laughing as I spent 500k on an item which promises me a few laughs as I peek at the giant jubblies on display as the girls walk around looking for the pixie hiding in the corner. However, that’s when it hit me – I’d won the game…

Just in case you’ve not clocked onto it either, I said above that after you beat the game, you can pick how the maidens dress… This means you can literally take off their clothes and just have them prance around in their underwear without having to fork out 500k for a tool! So, I felt a right tool for wasting all my time getting the money to buy it. However, I remembered that to get the money, I was offering rather sexual favours in the bathroom as I jumped into the cleavage of the bigger girls and clung onto their butt, refusing to let go like I was playing Shadow of the Colossus. After remembering this, all was well!

gun gun pixies 7

I think Nep Nep needs a longer skirt!

Special guests?
There are two special guests who appear within the game – it’s in the trailer so I don’t think it’s a spoiler, it’s Neptune and Noire from the Neptunia series! Not only do you get to see Nep Nep’s infamous striped panties as you walk around and look up, but you also get to pleasure her during the bathtime moments and give her the best bath she’s ever had! 


The issues:
Okay, not everything can be good, especially when we take a look at the Nintendo Switch port. There is a lot of slowdown and framerate issues as you progress through the game. The majority of the game is okay but when there’s a lot of Squids or the giant maidens are shooting balls and hearts at you, the poor machine can’t quite keep up. As usual, I only played the game in portable mode though so it could be different if docked. I imagine that the PC version, when it comes out in November, will be much more stable and an overall smoother experience to play. 

The second issue is jumping. For a game which relies on you to jump around a lot as you do a lot of platforming, the jump is pretty poor. It feels like you’re on the moon, thrusting yourself up then manoeuvring as you’re airborne. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but when you combine it with the framerate issues, it resulted in me falling so many times because I’d pushed jump then forwards to jump forwards but I’d not jumped and simply walked off the table or chair I was stood on. It was rather frustrating. 

The third issue was down to the gameplay, it was too repetitive. Yeah, I had a lot of fun shooting the giant girlies and watching them squirm as they received immense ecstasy from my pulsating pistols, but I felt like I was doing the same thing each chapter. It alternates from story to exploration, then squids, then a big girl and finally bathtime (give or take a few explorations and giant girls in the middle). I personally had fun with the game as I don’t mind monotonous or repetitive games, but I know I’m in the minority and some people may not like the unvaried gameplay. My advice, don’t do what I did and play it in 12hrs straight – play it for an hour or two at a time and spread it out. 

Visually I thought that Gun Gun Pixies looked pretty good on the small screen. I imagine the launch trailer below is taken from the PC version of the game though as it looks a lot sharper and more defined than the Switch version. The textures around the house were quite simplistic and some of them looked really bad when you got up close and took a look. However, I imagine they were a few of the compromises they had to make in order to get the game to run on the Switch.


The game also contains a photo mode – pause the action and move the camera anywhere you want in the room in order to find the perfect snap. You can get some rather ‘interesting’ pictures using this mode – just look at the ones I’ve attached to this review!

Sound-wise, the game was great. Although playing in Japanese, and with only the main narrative fully voiced, the two pixie protagonists are super cute and rather adorable, despite them being horny little creatures who can’t stop perving on girls in their panties. The music was really upbeat and very Japanese. 

There’s a lot of fanservice in this game – especially when you complete the game and can basically dress up all the girls and just zoom in and out as much as you please. Not to mention the number of panties you can unlock by finding them on the floor, buy from the store, and obtain by meeting new girls. When I started up the game for the first time, I was given a chocolate underwear set – I’m not sure why. It is basically a few blobs of chocolate on the pixie’s nipples and a stick of a bricked chocolate bar melted into her nether regions… It’s different I suppose…

Official Trailer:

Final Conclusion:
Gun Gun Pixies is a very energetic third-person shooter which is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. When you’re not shooting Squids which look like they have condoms on their heads, you’ll be delivering pleasure to giant girls as you shoot your load all over their face and boobs, watching the in-game physics cause various body parts to wobble upon impact. Then, after a hard day of pleasuring the girls in the dorm whilst avoiding eye-contact, it’s time to jump into the bath and fondle their giant fancies until your out of bullets and end up firing blanks! This is a very strange game, yet it’s oddly satisfying and the twelve-hour story captivated me and kept me hooked – that and the giant panties!


If you’re looking for a game that’s a little bit different, a game you can enjoy on your own and wouldn’t play in front of your parents, then Gun Gun Pixies is for you. It does suffer a few technical issues on the Switch in regards to its framerate, but I don’t feel it’s enough to put you off the fascinating gameplay.

A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes

Gun Gun Pixies


Final Score


The Good:

  • - Original and rather wacky concept
  • - You get to fondle and wobble female parts for money in the bath!
  • - Interesting story with some funny narrative
  • - Lots of things to unlock from weapons to more panties
  • - Has a decent photo mode

The Bad:

  • - There are framerate issues on the Switch when the action gets intense
  • - Jumping is a pain in the arse and quite difficult thanks to the framerate issues
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