Cat Quest (PS4) Review

Have you ever sat down, turned on your PS4 and thought to paw-self; “Boy, I wish I was a cat on an epic adventure to find my sister who has been cat-napped by an evil pussy”? If you have then you’re either a little strange or in luck be-claws Cat Quest from The Gentlebros/PQube is about to fur-fill paw request!

Cat Quest is an open-world RPG in the fur-mat of games such as Diablo but the cuteness is at a level that has never been reached be-fur. The game is set in the land of Felingard which has been overrun by dragons and other fur-ocious beasts. As the last of the blood cats, you have the ability to take down these beasts with both your sword and magic spells, which you obtain throughout your adventure. Your mane motivation on paw adventure is to rescue paw sister from the evil pussy, Drakoth; however, along paw way you will complete side missions, beat bosses and help reclaim Felingard from the evil ones.

The world looks like an over-world map if I’m being honest

The gameplay consists of moving around the world whilst taking on various quests given to you by other cat-folk and quest boards in exchange for items and info on your sister’s cat-tor. These missions will mane-ly be simple ‘go to X and slay Y’ or ‘go to X cave and eliminate all enemies’ – however, I never found this to become boring or repetitive due to the nature of the game. Upon completing these quests; you will receive loot, money, experience or information – yes, the game has a levelling up mechanic so you can continually grow and increase your stats. This brings lots of replayability to the game as you won’t be able to ex-paw all the caves until you’re at a high enough level – otherwise, it will be a cat-astrophe.

The combat is smooth and cat-isfying as you slice through the enemies and cat-s spells at them. You can roll to dodge as well as learn various strategies to overcome certain enemies – as the combat is nice and simple they keep it fresh by presenting new enemies with different attack styles and pat-terns. The game also has seven spell types and it operates on the good old rock-paper-scissors method, so fire beats ice, ice beats rock, rock beats fire etc…


The ‘Pause’ screen…

The music in the game is paw-some! Once again, I have the title screen on whilst I write this as it’s such a cool(cat) tune. The music really helps to make the game feel like you are on an epic adventure, even though at times the action may not represent this. There is no voice acting but you can ‘talk’ to every NPC you come across and they are all full of puns and witty comments.

Speaking of puns, I’m sure you have seen a few so far… The game loves them as even the Pause screen in the game is called ‘paws’ – it’s so adorable and cute! The writing in the game is great and the story was well delivered, I thoroughly enjoyed playing every minute of it and the ending was purr-fect and satisfying as well.

Some of the characters you meet along the way are a bit ‘interesting’

The presentation of the game is su-purr-ior to other games in its genre as well. I’ll place a video below so you can see fur yourself.  The game is really colourful and bright so even though you are going around killing beasts, it never feels gruesome or violent – I have a feline it’s a purr-fect game for younger people. What is a little strange is the world you play on actually feels more like an overworld map than the playing area. As such, the world isn’t very big, but it is expanded with a load of smaller caves which lead to mini-dungeons filled with creatures to slay. The animation is also akin to SouthPark in the way you move and the people who just pop up as you approach them!

The only negative I have would be the length of the game as most people have finished it in about six hours; personally, I’m on about 8 hours but that’s because I was taking my time to ensure I saw everything. However, the devs have said that more content is coming soon to the game. I’m not sure if it’s all going to be provided fur-ee of charge, but the Christmas DLC (New questline, enemies and boss fight) is; according to The Gentlebros’ Twitter  – I certainly can’t wait to get my paws on this!

Off-fish-al Tail-er:

Fur-nal Con-claws-ion:
Cat Quest is a great top-down cute Diablo-style game that anyone of all ages can enjoy. It has a solid combat mechanic, a great story and a decent amount of content. After a while, some of the requests can get a bit re-pet-etive but this is quickly resolved by the game throwing in new enemies and abilities to play with. If you love RPG games, Diablo, fun games or just love cats – this is the purr-fect game for you! Treat purr-self, you won’t regret it!

A copy of the game was kindly provided for review purposes

Cat Quest


Final Score


The Good:

  • Adorable graphics and great story/dialogue
  • Simple but effective, rock-solid combat mechanics
  • New content is on the way
  • Soundtrack is great

The Bad:

  • Depending on your love/hate of puns - there is a lot of them
  • Approx 6-8 hours to complete everything at the moment
  • Quests can start to get a little repetetive
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