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Sherlock Homes Chapter One Fi3

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One (Preview) PC

Everyone knows who Sherlock Holmes is, he’s probably the most well-known and recognisable fictional character of the last few centuries. He’s been portrayed in many different styles through movies, books, TV shows, anime, and video games, homing in on his keen attention to detail as… …
Psychonauts 2 Fi3

Psychonauts 2 (Xbox Series S) Review

The creative and mind-bending 3D-action platformer Psychonauts finally has a true sequel with Psychonauts 2 – 16 years in the making after a successful Fig campaign and including additional budget from Xbox after they acquired Double Fine Productions in 2019. Technically, there was a direct… …
Murder Mystery Machine Fi3

Murder Mystery Machine (PS5) Review | via PS4 BC

I love ‘whodunnit’ mysteries, whether I’m watching a film or TV show, or playing a video game, I love piecing together the clues and coming to a conclusion of who did what, where, and why. More often than not I’m wrong, but that doesn’t stop… …
Timothy's Night Fi3

Timothy’s Night (PS5) Review

Back in January 2018, Wild Sphere released Timothy vs. the Aliens exclusively on the PlayStation 4 thanks to their partnership with PlayStation Talents. Earlier this year, the game finally made its way to both the PC and the Nintendo Switch, with a few highly requested… …
Timothy Vs The Aliens Fi3

Timothy vs. the Aliens (PS4) Review | Plus Switch opinion

When I was younger, I used to love watching old black & white gangster films – the fact they were drained of colour was obviously limitations of the time but it also made them seem more dark and gritty. You would also see a lot… …
Hades Fi3

Hades (PS5) Review

It feels like forever since I first saw Hades, it was announced back in 2018 at The Game Awards as one of the first titles to launch on the newly released Epic Games Store as a one-year timed Early Access exclusive. Twelve months later it… …
Microsoft Flight Simulator Fi3

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series S) Review

Pilot’s uniform on, check! Buckled in the cockpit seat, check! Engines ready, check! Oh boy, it can only mean one thing – it’s time to take to the skies with Microsoft Flight Simulator from developer Asobo Studio, now released on Xbox Series consoles for the… …
The Falconeer Fi3

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition (PS5) Review | Plus PS4 opinion

Have you ever wanted to take to the skies and soar through the clouds on the back of a ginormous bird, taking in the beautiful sunsets, blue skies, and terrifying thunderstorms? If so, you’re in luck; The Falconeer: Warrior Edition lets you do this, all… …
Death's Door Fi3

Death’s Door (Xbox Series S) Review

Don’t fear the reaper unless, of course, it’s a crow wielding a mighty sword! Acid Nerve, on the back of the impressive Titan Souls, has followed up with Death’s Door – a game that not only takes inspiration from classic Zelda-like hack n’ slash adventure… …