September Article Round-up

We’ve been very busy throughout September. In total, we have managed to put out 29 articles, which isn’t bad for the five of us!

Things aren’t slowing down either, throughout October, expect to see reviews for games such as Valkyria Chronicles 4, Fists of the Northstar, Little Dragon Cafe and more! We may even start putting out out more article-based content if that’s what you would like to see (please let us know over on Twitter if you do).

However, this article is a celebration and round-up of the month which has just past, not the month which is coming up. Feel free to filter out the content below to view what we’ve done – whether it was a review for the controversial Super Seducer 2, an interview with the guys behind Beyond Blue, or even a look at the rather unusual Graveyard Keeper – we aim to be as diverse as possible and cover all platforms with no bias.

So, please come back for more, follow us over on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube, Discord, or even grab an RSS reader on your mobile devices, like Feedly iOS | Android, and get alerts when we post an article by just putting in our URL (!

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